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Here Are 10 African Countries Nigerians Can Travel To By Road

Every day, different people travel to other countries in West Africa such as Ghana, Togo, Liberia, Mali e.t.c by different means. Apart from flying a plane to the countries listed above, you can as well travel by road by using either a private car or a public bus. One interesting thing about travelling by road is that you will be opportuned to see different things on the way and take pictures too. In this article today, I will be listing to you some of the African countries you can Journey to by road.

1. Togo: You can travel by road to Togo by starting your journey from Lagos, board a bus from Mile two motor park then you will bypass Cotonou and arrive in Lome. Many traders are fond of traveling to Togo to get goods needed for sales


2. Ghana: Traveling to Ghana has been made easy through road transportation, don’t need to bother about booking a flight. Before traveling, make sure you are with your passport, yellow card and some Cedis.

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3. Senegal: Senegal Is a country in Africa that is blessed with tall and beautiful people. If you are planning on traveling to Senegal by road, different direct buses are going there. You can board a bus from Lagos directly to Dakar


4. Burkina Faso: You can travel to Burkina Faso by road by boarding a bus from Lagos or you can cut the journey by going through northern Ghana.

5. Guinea: Traveling to Guinea can be made easy by road from Nigeria going through Ivory coast, sierra leone, and Liberia

6. Gambia: Gambia is an English speaking country just like Nigeria, it is very popular to Nigerian road travellers. There are buses in Lagos that can take you directly to Banjul If you are planning on travelling to Gambia by road.

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7. Mali: The people of Mali are called Malians, it is said that Nigerian’s follow in their footsteps. If you want to travel to Mali by road, you need to know that it is cheaper when you pass through the northern part of Nigeria.

8. Niger: Niger is Nigeria’s northern neighbour, you can travel to Niger by road by using Maradi to Jibia Kastina state or you use Illela in sokoto state.

9. Chad: Business personnel often visit Chad by road and by flight. You can board a bus from Lagos, Kano or Abuja to N’Djamena if you plan on traveling by road.

10 Liberia: Liberia is a country you can travel to by road, take a bus that will take you directly to Monrovia. So many people take this route daily for business purposes.

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So guys, was this article in anywhere helpful? Do you know other African countries Nigerians can travel to by road? Do leave a comment, like, share and follow me.Thanks.

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