3 Controversial Statements Made By Ka3na That Made Bobrisky To Call Her 'Classless' | MadNaija 3 Controversial Statements Made By Ka3na That Made Bobrisky To Call Her 'Classless' | MadNaija

3 Controversial Statements Made By Ka3na That Made Bobrisky To Call Her ‘Classless’

The big brother Reunion which commenced some days back, has gotten viewers glued to their Televisions. From Dorathy heated argument with Wathoni over Brighto to secrets being revealed by Ka3na.

Photo Credit: BBnaija Reunion

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However, it is the secrets being revealed by Ka3na that has gotten her a backlash from cross dresser, Bobrisky, as reported by Naija News.

Bobrisky slammed Ka3na as being shameless for sleeping with a guy on live TV and still have the gut to say he is a 5 seconds man. Adding that Ka3na should remove the ‘boss lady’ from her social media page, as she is ‘classless’.

Source: Naija News

Photo Credit: BBnaija Reunion

The three controversial statements are as follows:

1. “Ozo Came to my room and asked me to help him make Nengi Jealous”

This is the first secret Ka3na revealed. Ka3na revealed that the she was throwing herself all over Ozo at the Saturday White Party was because Ozo begged him to help make Nengi jealous.

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Although Ozo denied the allegations, Ka3na went ahead to say that Praise can bear her witness. Praise, however, confirmed Ka3na’s claim and said it was true that Ozo approached her to help make Nengi jealous.

2. “Praise could not last up to 5 seconds. I felt disappointed and went to chill in the sitting room”

Photo Credit: BBNaija Reunion

Ka3na confirmed the suspicion of many viewers that something happened between her and Praise. Although viewers could not to the claim that Ka3na and Praise had sex as were under a duvet, viewers however, suspected that something did happened between them.

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Ka3na has now let the cat out of the bag by revealing that she and Praise did had sex, but she was disappointed since Praise couldn’ last up to 5 seconds. The reason why she had to leave him and went to the sitting room to chill.

Photo Credit: BBNaija Reunion

3. “He came to my hotel room, we had sex but he could not last up to a second this time around.

Ka3na disclosed that despite having sex in the house, she and Praise also had sex outside the house. She revealed that after her eviction, Praise came to her room and they had sex together but this time around, Praise could not last up to a second.

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Praise slammed her and accused her of chasing clout by saying things that weren’t true.

What do you think? Is Ka3na chasing clout? Comment below.

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