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6 Best Camera Apps for Android in 2020

If you’re one of them folks that are always taking pictures and selfies with their smartphone cameras, then it would be best for you to use the opportunity and get hold of the best Android camera applications, that will enable you to take better photo capture. These camera apps are very good when it comes to photography and the likes. You could get access to amazing and useful features while using them.

Almost everyone uses an Android smartphone in our today world, and what better way to capture photos, events, and activities of the day, than with the best camera applications available. In this article, you’d get to see and know the best camera applications that could also be used for photo editing on your Android mobile phone. These apps got cool features and would offer you everything required of a camera application.

For the perfect photography, one has got to make use of good camera applications filled with tons of features and functions, and this is what I bring to you in this article. You will get see the best Android camera applications to download, install, and use on your Android mobile phone, to take perfect snaps. Now, without wasting time, let’s delve right into this topic.

Best Camera Apps for Better Photography on Android

Below is a list of the best camera applications for Android devices. These applications will give you the best camera shots and selfie snaps on your Android mobile phones. They’ll also allow you to edit your photos to a very good taste so you can share to your friends and family. These apps have got cool functionality and features for you to appreciate.

1. YouCam Perfect


YouCam Perfect is an amazing camera application that can be used to take perfect selfie snaps on your Android mobile device. This application is mostly based on taking good selfies that can also be edited using the YouCam perfect app. Well I can say that this application is one of the best camera apps to download and used on Android smartphones. You can get it from various app stores online.

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YouCam perfect will let you become a good photographer with just your Android device. You can take awesome photo snaps and all with just using this application on your mobile phone. The YouCam perfect app has got lots of cool functions and features that would seem very useful to you. I suggest you download and try it out on your device.

2. BeautyPlus


BeautyPlus can be regarded as the best camera applications to use on one’s Android smartphone device. This application does have a huge number of downloads and users across the world. BeautyPlus does not only base on selfie snaps, because you can use it to take awesome photo snaps from your phones rear camera. This application allows you to take better shots than with your default Android camera.

BeautyPlus is mostly used by the female folk, and the reason behind this, is because this application does have a ton of features and photo editing tools that can redefine and make every snaps two times more beautiful. It would really worth your while if you download and get to use this Android camera application to take your perfect photo snaps.

3. Camera360


Camera360 is another cool Android camera application that allows it’s users to take perfect shots on their Android devices. This camera app has also got a lot of users and amazingly huge fan base. The application is one of those that was released in the Android market over some years ago, and so it is one of the oldest camera apps for Android. One can say that camera360 is among the best camera apps to use on Android devices.

Despite been old, the camera360 application developers have made sure that this camera app does have regular updates, to improve it’s features and functions for it’s users. Using this application, one can take perfect photo shots, and selfie snaps with their Android mobile smartphone. One could get this app from the google play store or any other app store.

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4. Candy Camera


Like the name implies, the Candy Camera application will give you sweet candy photo snaps and selfie shots on your Android device. The app is not too popular, but when downloaded and installed on your Android mobile phone, you’d realize that it really should be listed as one of the best camera applications for Android devices. The candy camera app got cool functions for your camera needs.

Candy camera has a lot of features and a nice user interface that lets you navigate and locate all it’s tools without stress. You should consider downloading and trying out this application on your Android smartphone. It would prove useful to you for all your photography requirements. Candy camera is such an amazing camera application for Android.

5. Sweet Selfie


Sweet Selfie is an amazing selfie shot camera application to use for Android devices. This app is based mostly for taking selfie snaps on your Android mobile device. Yes, you wouldn’t be able to make use of your smartphone rear camera with the sweet selfie application on your Android phone. No matter how bad your front camera is, this application is sure to give you amazing shots and effects when you use it.

Sweet Selfie is known by thousands because of the effects it has on selfie shots. You could also use it editing tools to perfect your photo to your own taste. The features of this application are many and you will want to explore them once you have installed this app on your Android device. Get this app on the google play store now.

6. Camera for S9


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We all know that the samsung galaxy smartphones have got the best cameras among all other Android devices in the world. Coming to the galaxy s9, it is one of the best camera phones in the year 2018, and that is one of the reasons for the sales it had during the period. Well, developers have made sure to extract those features and functions from it’s default camera, and they have released it for Android users to download on their devices.

I can say that the Camera for S9 Android application would be best considered as one of the best camera apps for one to download and use on their Android mobile phone. This app does have a lot of downloads and installation globally, around the world. You would absolutely appreciate the features and functions that it has to offer. Get this camera for S9 app now and start using.

Wrapping Up

Take better photos and selfies on your Android smartphone, by using the best camera applications that have been developed, and made available for downloads, and use on your device. These apps will offer you useful features that would help you to take better photo snaps on your Android mobile. Download them now and start using.

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