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Attention Men, If you want to Enjoy your Marriage, Never Marry a Woman with These 6 Qualities

Marriage is an everlasting commitment and is something that no one should step in if are unsure of being truly happy.

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There is a recent trend in our modern world and it is the issue of divorce. Divorce is fairly common and it has increased in numbers in recent . Many of those marriages failed because of one reason: marrying the wrong partner. This article is for but it is not limited to men. If you are a lady and you’re reading this, I’d advise you to continue reading as this might just change men’s view about you. For the men, this would guide you in your quest for the perfect wife material.

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Don’ believe everything the romantic movies you watch tell you. Love alone cannot steer the ship of marriage. Marriage is like a ship trying to sail through storms on a sea with heavy waves. Love, alone cannot steady the ship nor sail it. Testament to this is the fact that many couples who are having a hard time today actually love each other. If there is one thing that can steer a marriage like a sailor steers a ship, it is compatibility.

Compatibility is that thing that will make you confirm if she is the true one for you. It is at this point that you pause and look deeply without giving prejudice to her stunning beauty. If both of you are like the North and South pole, your marriage would never work out. Apart from compatibility, these are also some of the qualities you should avoid when searching for your wife:

1. Don’t marry a Delilah

When I say a Delilah, I mean a woman who is noted for her beauty alone. Look that beautiful face and that stunning figure 8 shaped body. You would be surprised how quickly those two things would fade away. Don’t marry a Delilah! You would regret it. Beauty alone does not define a woman. There are several qualities you should seek out in a woman and her looks is the least of them.

2. Don’t marry outside your faith

Are you a Christian or a Muslim? A Christian? Good, then marry a Christian. Oh, you are a Muslim? Excellent, then marry a Muslim. Don’t make the mistake of marrying outside your faith. Sure, a lot of people might encourage it but you would soon realize how much difference the marriage would bring to you two. Converting your wife to your religion without the help of God or Allah would be difficult and it could lead to complications that could degenerate into a marriage crisis. Prevention, they say, is better than cure.

3. Don’t marry a girl who is lazy

I don’t know what was said about creation in the Quran but my own Bible specifically told me that God created the first woman, Eve for one particular reason: she was to be a helper for the first man, Adam. My dear brothers, Muslims, Christians and traditionalists, if you are going to marry a woman, look very carefully before plunging into the marriage.

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Avoid a woman who is lazy, it would do you a world of good. She is meant to be a helper, not a liability. Marry a responsible, educated woman who knows how to face her problems on her own. Marry a woman who is always ready to put her house in order. Don’t marry a woman who spends hours in front of a TV screen watching movies. I would rather watch paint dry than marry such a woman.

. Don’t marry a girl who cannot cook

Me, marry a woman that cannot cook? Tufiakwa! Don’t make that mistake, brother. A girl that cannot cook would require you to hire the services of a house help or would make you a regular visitor to restaurants. Both of these two alternative options are not economical neither are they . If you hire house help, you might end up eating a love potion and subconsciously ruining your marriage. If you eat out, you might be eating from a restaurant with a satanic agent as the madam of the organization. So, to avoid all these, just marry a beautiful girl who cannot just cook but cook and move heavens with the aroma of her soup.

5. Don’t marry a girl who is too worldly

Sure, everyone has their own special taste but marrying a girl who is too worldly would ruin you. Don’t go searching around for a girl with a touch of “freaky freaky”, the end would not be good o. A worldly girl often means a materialistic person. If all your girlfriend cares about is expensive gadgets and the latest fashion choices, think before taking her to the altar. You might end up getting than you bargain for.

6. Don’t marry a girl who doesn’t know how to dress

What I am saying is in two folds: one, don’t marry a girl who cannot dress and look beautiful; two, don’t marry a girl that dresses to make men lust after her. Lust is not loved. Lust takes one to the bed, love often takes one to the altar. Stay away from those who cannot dress right.

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