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Best Audio Compression Apps for Android Phones

Compressing files is now made possible by just using an Android device or any other smartphone device. One can now compress both video, audio, images, document, or any type of file with just an Android mobile phone. But for this to work, you have got to make use of the compression apps developed for that particular file type. There are different file extensions made for files and they can all be compressed.

Today, in this article, we’d be looking at the best audio compression apps for Android smartphones. These applications will make it very possible for you to compress any kind of audio file, both MP3, and MP4. This is amazing right? Yes, it is. Audio compression apps can let you compress files to a smaller size, and you can also be able to send any compressed file to your friends or other people, via social media platforms and file transfer applications.

Why compressing an audio file or any file at all is because this helps us to send it in a reduced size, as not many people can be able to afford download files with huge sizes. Some social media and instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, will not allow users to send files that come with huge sizes, so with these compression applications, one can get those files to reduced sizes and then send to others via those platforms. We should now delve right into this article and see those audio compression apps.

List of the Best Audio Compression Apps for Android 2020

Getting your audio files will best make it possible for you to save space and also send to others via social platforms in a reduced file size. Below, you’ll get to see the best and current audio compression apps that you’ll be able to use to reduce audio file size. These apps have great features that can be explored.

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1. MP3 Compressor

[appbox googleplay com.sigmaappsolution.audiocompressor]

MP3 Compressor is solely made for compressing audio files that come in MP3 file extension. Of course it can compress other audio file extensions, but not as perfectly as it will do the MP3 extension. This audio compression application has surely marked it’s place as of the best which one can use to compress any audio file with his or her Android mobile device.

MP3 Compressor app also serves as a music editor, alarm tone maker, ringtone cutter and notification tone creator. Using this application on your Android smartphone, you can edit music and song files very easy and less stressful. This audio compression app can be downloaded on the Google play store and also used for free. You should absolutely get it now and begin using it. The app surely completes it’s job.

2. Audio Compressor

[appbox googleplay sunstarphotomedia.audiocompressorandresizer]

Audio Compressor is surely the best audio compression application out there for Android devices. This app will absolutely compress any kind of audio file no matter the extension it comes with. Audio compressor application will let you save more space on your memory as you’ll have more reduced audio file size but of course, with same quality. You should absolutely get this.

Any audio file that would be compressed with this compression application can be shared on any social media platform on Android phones. You can compress both MP3 and MP4 audio file extension and they’ll still work in same quality. This application is free to use and wouldn’t disturb you with useless adverts while you’re on use with it. You can download the audio compressor application now and enjoy using.

3. Lexis Audio Editor

[appbox googleplay com.pamsys.lexisaudioeditor]

Lexix Audio Editor is that application that lets you to edit and record audio files in different extensions. Using this app, you can also make new recordings of audio files which can be saved in any kind of format or extension of your choice. Nevertheless, you can not save any file in the MP3 format as this is only allowed in the premium version of lexis audio editor.

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Well, this application can also be used to compress audio files but that’s not really what’s the app was developed for. The primary function of lexis audio editor application is for recording and editing of new or existing audio files on Android. The good thing here is that, it has also got a secondary feature of compressing audio files, and to be honest, it might not give you the best, but the app is surely worth it.

4. WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool

[appbox googleplay]

WinZip for Android is mainly used for zipping and unzipping files on mobile phones. Nevertheless, the Winzip Android application can be used for the compression of any media files on Android. Files such as audio, video, apps, and a whole lot of others can be compressed to such a very low size with just using this application on your Android mobile device. Winzip is surely one of the best audio compression applications for Android phones.

If you must know, the WinZip Android mobile application is absolutely free to be used on Android phones. You can actually get this application from Google play store if you do need it. Winzip Android application will surely offer you the best experience when it comes to zipping, unzipping, and compression of files on your mobile smartphone. Want to download this application now? Then use the link available below and get it right now.

5. MP3, MP4 Audio Video Converter

[appbox googleplay com.inverseai.audio_video_manager]

This application is your one stop for the compression of any kind of audio or video file on your Android smartphone. Yes, using the MP3, MP4 Audio Video Converter application, you will be able to play audio, trim, convert and compress video and audio files on your Android mobile phone. Of course, this application is very easy to use and doesn’t require much stress from you before getting operations done.

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MP3, MP4 Audio Video Converter app is surely the best you could ask for, and it’s absolutely one of the best audio compression applications in the market right now. This application has got a very nice and simple user interface for Android phones, and also cool features which you will really explore once it has gotten installed on your Android mobile phone. You can get this application and use for free, and there will be no disturbance of adverts.

Wrapping Up

You can outrightly save more storage space on your Android smartphone using these audio compression applications. You will be able to compress both audio and video file formats, save and share with friends on any social media platform. These applications listed above, are currently the best you could download and use right now to compress your audio files. Share this article to others now and pass good knowledge. Thank you.

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