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Best File Explorer Apps for Android in 2020 (Top 8)

Our Android devices do serve as a medium to save and keep files and folders intact so we can access them whenever and wherever we want. Now, there are some limitations on the default file explorer or file manager applications that comes with most Android smartphones. So this makes us to search for the best file manager apps to use.

In this article you’ll get to see a prepared list of the best file manager or explorer applications which one can be able to use on his or her Android mobile phone, to save, access and explore our important files and folders. These applications are filled with lots of features and functions that gives us all that’s needed from a file explorer or manager app.

There are some operations which one would want to perform on his or her Android smartphone with a file manager application, but due to the lack of features and functions on the default file explorer app, it won’ be possible to do those operations. Now, with these file manager apps that would be dropped below this article, you’ll be able to save, and access your important files and folders at anytime on your device.

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List of the Best File Manager Apps for Android in 2020

Now, below this post is a well laid down and written list of the best file manager and file file explorer applications that you can be able to download, install and use to save your files and folders and also access them on your Android smartphone.

1. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is an amazing file manager for Android. I’d say that this application is one of the most widely used external file explorer across most Android phones. ES File Explorer app gives you all that you need or require from a file manager. If you’re interested in keeping your files and sound, then this file manager application is most definitely for you.

ES File Explorer has marked it’s place as one of the best (if not the best) file explorer application for both Android and iOS mobile devices. You could use this file manager to lock your files and folders with passwords, patterns, and even finger-print scanner. You will also be able to extract huge files from zip, rar, or 7z folders. Now you can download this application via the below link.

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2. FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer is another amazing file explorer application for Android phones. It has both similar name, features and functions relating to the ES file explorer application. FX file explorer got it’s own unique abilities that makes it stand out as one of the best Android file manager applications which one can download and use on their mobile devices to save and access personal and important files.

The safe keeping of your files and folders sorely depends on the file manager application which you use on your Android smartphone. FX file explorer does have the capacity of keeping your files safe with it’s security features which allows you to lock those files so no intruder can be able to access them. Nevertheless, this application has got a nice user interface and beautiful design for Android.

[appbox googleplay nextapp.fx]

3. ZArchiver

If ZArchiver isn’t on this list, then this article is probably a big mistake. Why I said so, is because ZArchiver is an amazing and features filled file explorer application for Android devices. This file manager has such simple and well understandable designs and navigation. You’ll be able to locate all it’s features and functions easily. This application is good for you to use.

Maybe you’re an Android gamer and you’d download huge game files on your Android device, then ZArchiver will let you extract the main game files so you can paste in their require folders. With this file explorer application, you can also keep your files and folders safe from intruding folks by keeping them locked with passwords. ZArchiver is surely one of the best file manager apps to download and use.

[appbox googleplay ru.zdevs.zarchiver]

. Mi File Manager

Mi File Manager is a Xiaomi based file explorer application. This file manager was developed by the Mi team of this chinese tech giant specifically for Xiaomi devices. Nonetheless, the Mi file manager application can work on most other Android mobile phones, but it won’t be smooth as it will be on Xiaomi phones, but still you’d get to enjoy some features and use it’s functions.

Mi File Manager is a good file manager application for Android. This explorer app has got a beautiful and material design, with a unique user interface on Android phones. You could use this file manager app to perform most operations required of file explorer application. You can be able to download this application via the google play store on Android.

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[appbox googleplay]

5. Solid Explorer

Solid explorer is very solid in keeping your important files and folders safe. With this amazing file manager, one can be able to access his or her files in a unique and faster way. Solid explorer of course, is regarded as one of the best file manager applications for Android phones. You’d get to see its beautiful user interface and also it’s features and functionality.

Solid explorer has got customization options that lets you to be able to customize and change your theme style to any colour and designs of your choice. This file explorer application has a cool search feature that allows you to search and access every of your folders easily and without stress. You want to keep all your files and folders very safe? Then download this application now and start using.

[appbox googleplay pl.solidexplorer2]

6. X-plore File Manager

X-plore file manager is that file explorer application that allows you to view the inside-out of your Android device. You will be able to see all hidden files and folders that eats up space and them you can get rid of them all. X-plore file manager is of course, one of the best file explorer applications which one could use as their file managers on their mobile phones.

If you do want to perform some certain system operations on your Android device, like uninstalling or deleting system apps from your device, then X-plore will very much be of help in this situation, as it will do this job, but you must have a rooted Android device before you can be able to perform such operations with it. You won’t get the best of designs in this file manager, but it sure has a simple interface that gets you the desired results.

[appbox googleplay com.lonelycatgames.Xplore]

7. File Commander

File Commander is a very good and usable file manager application for Android devices. This file explorer app has got most features and functions that is required of any good file manager. You’d get to enjoy a full file managing experience on your Android device with this unique file manager. File commander allows you to access your important files and folders easily without so much stress.

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You can design the theme and interface of this file manager application with the in-built customization options that has been made available for it. Also, this file explorer app will show you a detailed report of what is eating up the storage of your Android smartphone, and also allow you to get rid of them easily. You will be able to lock your files and folders using this app to keep intruders at bay.

[appbox googleplay com.mobisystems.fileman]

8. ASUS File Manager

ASUS File Manager is definitely one of the best file manager and file explorer applications for Android smartphones. You’ll be able to use the ton’s of features that has been made available in this application. ASUS file manager allows it’s users to access their files, documents and folders easily no matter where it is stored on either SD, Internal memory, LAN, and so forth.

With this file manager application, one can be able to compress huge files to drastic sizes in order to save space on the mobile device memory. You can also extract those files, use them and also keep them safe whenever you want. ASUS file manager makes file management an amazing experience. Now you can download this file manager using the below link from google play store.

[appbox googleplay com.asus.filemanager]


This is where we come to a halt with the best file manager applications for Android. These file explorer apps offers lots of amazing features and also functions on Android mobile phones. You can download the one you best prefer, but be sure to know that all of them listed above will give you all that’s required and needed from a file managing application. Share this article to others for their benefit. Thanks.

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