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Best Keyboard Apps for Android 2020 (Type Efficiently)

Without the use of keyboards on our Android smartphone, then there’s absolutely no way that we would be able to type or text or send messages to people. Basically the whole use of an Android or any smartphone device, revolves around it’s keyboard. We use our keyboards more than anything, daily on our Android mobile device. So why shouldn’t we use at least the best of them keyboards to do what we do.

Normally, every Android smartphone device do come with a default keyboard which allows us to type and text. But it’s also true that these built-in keyboards do lack adequate features that’s required of it, and this is why you would be on the search for better keyboards that has got more features and functions on your Android smartphone. There are lots of amazing keyboard applications out there, developed for different purposes, but we’ll be looking at the best here.

In this article, I’ve used my time to look up most Android keyboards, both popular, heavy in size, and beautiful keyboards. Doing this, I’ve come up with a concrete list of the best Android keyboard apps that you could download and get to use on your Android smartphone. These keyboard applications does come with tons of features, functions, and a few with customization options. The similar purpose about these keyboards, is that they make you to type more faster and more efficiently. So now, lets delve into the topic of the day without wasting time.

List of the Best Keyboard Apps for Android 2020

Below I’ve written on the list of the best keyboard applications which you can download and use on your Android smartphone to improve your typing proficiency, and also give you the best typing experience ever. All of these apps can be found on the google play store on your Android device.

1. FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKey Keyboard is actually one of the best keyboard applications that you should use on your Android mobile phone. This keyboard app has got a lot of useful features and working functions. You can easily customize this keyboard with the free themes and wallpapers that has been made available for it. Fancykey keyboard application allows you the opportunity to get the feel of typing really fast without making mistakes. This is one of the amazing thing about this keyboard app.

FancyKey Keyboard application is developed and made available for free downloads. The application has actually got a large fan base and is user across most Android smartphones in the world. If you’d want to enjoy typing more efficiently and quickly on your Android smartphone, then fancykey keyboard is the best choice for you. You can choose to make this keyboard correct your sentence and with it, you can type by just swiping over the letters needed for a particular word. Fancykey keyboard offers you the best.

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[appbox googleplay com.pinssible.fancykey]

2. Gboard

Google Keyboard can be said to be the best Android keyboard application to be used on Android devices. Yes, this keyboard application has got almost every kind of feature, tools, and functions that is required of a keyboard application. Most Android keyboard apps out there do no have what Google keyboard will likely offer you. The keyboard just fits seamlessly in every Android device and would give you the best experience. You can also use Google keyboard for free, no worries.

Ever tried typing in your own language and you cannot seem to spell the exact words needed or even the exact alphabetical characters that fits? Well, if you’re looking for such keyboard that can perform this, then your last stop is with the Google Keyboard application. This keyboard app has been installed with most popular languages in the world and that’s why this has become very easy. The Google keyboard application has also got a very beautiful design and an intuitive user interface that let’s you type more efficiently.

[appbox googleplay]

3. Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard can be regarded as one of the fastest keyboard applications one can use on his or her Android smartphone. This keyboard is best known for it’s theme filled feature and lots of customization options for Android. Fleksy keyboard has also got a lot of users and as such it has made it’s way to become one of the best keyboard that one can download and begin to use on their mobile device. If you want to enjoy real time design, then fleksy keyboard is your best choice.

If you’re one of those folks that find it really hard to type words faster on your Android mobile phone, then you should use the fleksy keyboard application right now. This keyboard app will enable you to start typing more faster and efficiently. It would improve your typing experience on your Android device. Fleksy can be gotten for free via the Google play store on Android, and you’d find that you’ll be able to use all of it’s available features. Want to get this fast typing experience? Then get this keyboard app now.

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[appbox googleplay com.syntellia.fleksy.keyboard]

4. GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard is also one of the most used keyboard applications on Android phones. This is because it has got cool themes, grand wallpapers and a unique customization options. The GO keyboard for Android has loads of emojis, and emoji arts that you’ll enjoy using when chatting with friends and others on your mobile phone. GO keyboard application will enable you to learn how you can type easily and efficiently on your Android smartphone. You can get tons of functions that has been made available here.

With the GO keyboard application, you could get access to over 60+ world popular languages and also thousands of themes which you can apply, the one that best fits your taste. This keyboard app has got a nice material and sleek design with a very user-friendly and unique interface. Go keyboard app is very nice to look at, and you’d love the way it runs smoothly when typing with it on your Android mobile phone. If you’d want to get the best typing experience on your Android phone, then download the Go keyboard application right now and start using.

[appbox googleplay com.jb.emoji.gokeyboard]

5. Cheetah Keyboard

This is a very nice keyboard, and like the name suggests, Cheetah Keyboard is very fast in execution typing operations. I can say it’s the fastest Android keyboard application ever. Cheetah has also got a lot of features available for it’s users. One can actually gesture type by swiping through the alphabetical letters, and you can change it’s default theme with several others that has been made available for it. Cheetah is made beautified and has the capacity of drawing attention to it.

Cheetah Keyboard does have a fine and well concrete user interface for Android mobile phones. If you have got the need for emojis and emoji arts, then this amazing keyboard application is a good choice for you. Cheetah Keyboard is definitely one of the best keyboard applications that one can download and use as an external keyboard app on his or her Android phone. You’ll surely be able to type very quickly and fast in short time after using this keyboard application on your Android mobile device.

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[appbox googleplay panda.keyboard.emoji.theme]

6. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard application is Microsoft’s developed keyboard app and it has made it’s way to become one of the best Android keyboard applications that can be used on Android smartphones. This amazing keyboard application has got this swipe feature and it’s quite remarkable in the way it performs. You must now be yearning to use this Android keyboard application on your Android device, and sure you would as you can download this keyboard app from Google play store and also use it for free.

Get to access the tons of useful features and functions that has been made available for you in this keyboard application. Swiftkey keyboard app will allow you to use its vast extension of emojis, GIFs, stickers, and a whole lot of other things. This keyboard application is bent on giving you the best typing experience you could ever wish for. There’s the auto correction feature that gets all your text corrected in a heart beat, in case you make any sort of mistake. Use the Swiftkey keyboard app now and improve your typing on your Android device.

[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftkey]


Here we are with the best keyboard applications that offer you unique, amazing, and usable features on your Android mobile phone. These Android keyboard applications are well developed to give you the best typing experience and also help you to improve the way you type. You can easily design them to your taste with the available customization options. If you are really searching for the best keyboard applications for Android, then these are the best for you. Download and use them now!

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