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Best Note Taking Apps for Android Phones 2020

Android smartphones are versatile gadgets, that is, with them you could do many things, even those you think not possible. There have been lots of upgrades for Android devices, and the things it could be used for are now multiplied on a daily basis. You could download and install tons of applications for different purposes which satisfies your daily needs. Well one of the things you could use your Android mobile phone for, is taking down notes.

Yes, with the development of various note taking applications on your Android device, you can jot down important things which you do not want to forget as notes, in those apps. You might ask why would you need a note taking application installed on your mobile device. Well, I’m ready to tell you why. There are folks out there that tends to forget every little thing that might be in a way, very important to them, but with these applications, things is made easier for them.

I myself, as a blogger, normally make use of a note taking application to jot down topics that I would have to research on later, in order to write them as articles and serve them to my users. Now if I don’t do that, there’s a possibility that I might forget those topics and that won’t be really good for me, because I can’t help my blog users with information if I do not know what to write on. In this article, I’ll be talking about the best note taking apps to download, install and use on your Android device.

Best Note Taking Apps for Android in 2020

Right below, you’ll get to see the list of the currently best Android note taking applications that would help you jot down important things so you do not forget them when the time comes for their use. Grab a sit now and get comfortable while reading about these applications. The note taking apps are not listed in an order of preference though.

1. Google Keep

Google Keep should be the best Android note taking application that one could use to jot and save important things on their Android smartphone. Considering the tons of features and functions which this note taking application holds, you wouldn’t need to search anymore for other note taking apps. Now Google keep was developed by the world tech Giant, Google themselves and you know they tend to produce the best of things for user value.

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Google keep note taking app can be used to jot down important events, like festivals, marriages, ceremonies, and also school related stuff, if you’re either a student or a teacher. There are color differentiation which you could do to all your notes so you’d be able to locate them in the application easily. Personally, I make use of the Google keep application to take note of important things, like I earlier said. This is the best note taking app you’d find in the Android market.

[appbox googleplay]

2. FairNote

FairNote is another awesome note taking application for Android mobile phones. This app is very easy to understand and can also be navigated smoothly by users. It has got a sleek and simply designed user interface for Android devices. The fairnote app, though not having lots of features like Google keep, it can also serve your needs in jotting and taking down important notes on your Android smartphone. You should make sure to try out this note taking app on your mobile device.

The word count in the Fairnote application has got no limit, and as such you can write and as many words as possible. But it’s a note application right, so it doesn’t have to be necessarily filled with words. You would be able to save any kind of events and important things that you wouldn’t like to forget on your Android smartphone, via this cool note taking application on your Android smartphone. You can get the Fairnote app via the Android Google play store.

[appbox googleplay com.rgiskard.fairnote]

3. Evernote

Evernote has made it’s way to become one of the best Android note taking apps to download and use on one’s Android smartphone. This application is so good to use. I can say that after the Google keep note application, then evernote is next in line. This note taking app have actually got all the features you’d need from any Android note application. Honestly, there are things you could do with this app that wouldn’t be possible with other note taking applications.

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Coming of the design of the evernote application, I can say that it beats all other Android note taking applications. The dark green material user interface is very beautiful to look it, and this grabs lots of users attention. Evernote is also void of word count limit, so with it you could actually write any amount of words you wish. There’s also a dark mode feature available in this note taking application, and you could slso change it’s theme color to whatever you like, it all pens down on your choice.

[appbox googleplay com.evernote]

4. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft is also a big competition to others when it comes to their note taking application. Yes, the Microsoft OneNote has got tons of features and functions that will make you to enjoy using it in jotting and saving notes on your Android smartphone. This note taking app tends to offer you great user capabilities to do a lot of things with it. Like the Microsoft office on windows, you might be able to perform some system related operation with it.

The Microsoft OneNote app has got an amazing user interface that helps you to navigate through and locate things very easily without much stress. This application is absolutely free to download and use on your Android mobile device, so you could actually access it via the google play store. Surely you would enjoy using this app to jot down and save those important things that you do not want to forget. Microsoft OneNote can also be regarded as one of the best note taking apps for Android.

[appbox googleplay]

5. ClevNote

ClevNote is that note taking application that has got everything real simple. The deisgn is simple, user interface not to crowded, and it’s very easy to navigate via this Android app. Clevnote does offer amazing features, though not to many, but you’ll enjoy using it. The functions this application offers, will help it’s users to easily write down notes, save them stress free, and they can also mark them out so they’ll be able to locate each note at every given time.

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You should really consider getting this Android note taking app, downloaded and installed on your smartphone device. ClevNote has got a nice look to it, and the developers endeavor to bring updates regularly, so as to satisfy their app users with more important and useful features, and functions too. When you’re searching for a note taking application, Clevnote is highly recommended to be used for your daily needs. You should try out this app on your mobile phone.

[appbox googleplay com.dencreak.esmemo]

Wrapping Up

The above, are the best note taking applications to download, install and use on every Android smartphones. These apps have got the best features and functionalities that’s required of any note taking application. You can easily get them from any online app store, but preferably from the google play store. You should choose any that suit your needs and get it installed right away. Share this article with your friends and others now, so they can also benefit.

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