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Can A Christian Keep Dreadlocks As Hairstyle? Pastor Chris Answers Critical Question

The of the tenets of Christian dressing has loomed for decades. Most especially when it comes to the choice of what hairstyle is appropriate for a Christian. Many have often wondered if dreadlocks are allowed in Christianity.

However, popular televangelist Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, during an online ‘questions and answers’ segment, explained the various reasons why you can have dreadlocks as a Christian, and why you can choose not to have one.

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A viewer by the name of Hannah asked a question. At first, I didn’t know who God was, but became a Christian in 2009, and have since been a Christian, and have fallen in love with my creator. Pastor is it allowed to have dreadlocks when you are a Christian? She asks.

Pastor Chris answers the question.

“By dreadlocks, you are talking about a hairstyle. First, there is nothing wrong with your hairstyle. Whether it is dreadlocks, deadlocks, or livelocks. Whatever locks are, nothing is wrong with it.

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“The Bible tells us of certain that had long hair, and several kinds of hairstyles. You know how long is ‘long’ in those descriptions in the Bible.

“What is important at the moment, is that you appear decent, while trying to communicate with those in your world. For example, you had dreadlocks before you were born again, yet Jesus saved you while having those dreadlocks.

“How were you saved while having dreadlocks? This implies that Jesus wasn’t put off by the dreadlocks that you had. So it isn’t a having dreadlocks. But if you choose to rather have a different hairstyle, then go ahead with the decision.

“But I will like to explain some things about dreadlocks you probably don’t know. This information will help you decide if you want to keep it or not.

“Dreadlocks became popular through those who are called Rastafarians. If your dreadlocks are based on the Rastafarian society then there is a problem. This is what the problem is; I know a lot of people who do these things don’t have an idea where it came from. When you say ‘Rasta’ it is an abbreviation for those who say that they are Rastafarians.

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“The word Rastafarian was coined from two names: ‘Ras’ and ‘Tafari, ‘ which are the names of a man from Ethiopia who lived to be 83 old. He died in the year 1975.

“The Rastafarians are known as worshippers of Ras Tafari Makonnen – Selassie I, former emperor of Ethiopia. His followers believed that he was a descendant of King Solomon in the Bible, through the of Sheba. Now whether or not he was a descendant of King Solomon, the word of God doesn’t enthrone him to that point where anybody should worship him.

[Photos of Ras Tafari, who was worshipped as God incarnate by his followers. One of the most popular members of this movement was .]
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“After all, you are not allowed to worship king Solomon, so why should someone worship his descendant? This understanding will help you to decide whether or not you still want to keep your dreadlock.”

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