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Check Out 4 Types of Diabetes Tests Doctors Commonly Use and Their Appropriate Measurement

Diabetes is one of the greatest killer diseases in the world today. The good news is that it is preventable through making some necessary lifestyle changes. The better aspect of this is that once you begin to avoid or prevent diabetes, your appearance will change because you are now living a healthy lifestyle.


When it comes to chronic and dreaded diseases, the wisest decision is prevention. Chronic diseases are not curable, we must put every necessary effort to prevent them. This is why we should never be tried of reading articles on diabetes prevention. The effort of the world towards prevention of COVID-19 in the recent times will reveal to you how much any wise person should value his life.

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Now concerning prevention of diabetes, when are we supposed to suspect that we are at risk of suffering diabetes. What is the expected fasting blood level for a normal human being? What are various blood sugar tests doctors conduct? This information is important for any human being who loves his life.

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There are types of diabetes tests doctors commonly use

1. Random blood sugar test

Under this method, a person’s blood sugar test is carried out at any time of the day no matter what he ate. If your blood sugar levels exceed 200mg/ dl, the person is considered to be diabetic.

2. Fasting blood sugar test

According to mayo clinic , Under this method, a person is required to be tested in the morning when he has not taken anything . If his blood sugar levels is between 70mg/dl to 100mg/dl you are considered normal, but if it is 101 mg/dl to 125mg/dl , the person is considered to be prediabetic; but if your fasting blood sugar level is 126mg/dl and above ,you are considered to be diabetic. There is however, no perfect agreement on this, some health authorities say that a fasting blood sugar level of 130mg/dl means diabetes

3. Oral Glucose tolerance test

Here a person’s fasting blood sugar level test is first taken, the person is allowed to to take a sugary solution such as drinks. After this, the person’s blood sugar levels is taken at various times within 2 hours. If his blood sugar level is 140mg/dl the person is considered to be normal. Above 140mg/dl, but below 200mg/dl, the person has prediabetes. 200mg/dl and above signifies diabetes. This test should be repeated for at least two days, If the results on those occasions exceed 200mg/dl, the person is considered to be diabetic.

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4. Glycated hemoglobin (AiC) test

This test shows the amount of glucose attached to your haemoglobin. It measures the average blood sugar level of a person for the past two months. An AiC level of 6.5% and above on two separate counts indicates that you have diabetes. An AiC of 5.7 to 6.4% signify prediabetes while below 5.7% means normal blood sugar level.

considered normal.

So the normal blood sugar levels for the three methods are 100 mg/dl for fasting blood sugar test, and below 200mg/dl for the other two methods respectively. Since the fasting blood sugar level test is most commonly used method in Nigeria, once your fasting blood sugar exceeds 100mg/dl commence serious diabetes prevention strategies to ensure that it doesn’ come your way.

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So it is Imperative for every adult to undergo a blood sugar test, so that he can quickly identify the extent to which he stands the risk of becoming diabetic. Early dictation of your risk level and careful attention to the will save you from the overwhelming hazzard associated with diabetes infection.

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