Checkout How Ada La Pinky Reacted After Dorathy Opened Up About Her Intimacy With Brighto | MadNaija Checkout How Ada La Pinky Reacted After Dorathy Opened Up About Her Intimacy With Brighto | MadNaija

Checkout How Ada La Pinky Reacted After Dorathy Opened Up About Her Intimacy With Brighto

Many people are currently in a state of astonishment after so many secrets were divulged during the last episode of the reunion show. It was as if the viewers literally watched a different Reality Show. Even some of the housemates were shocked. Kiddwaya even asked as some point that ‘Please where was I when all these things happened?’

Comedienne Ada La Pinky

The revelations were quite overwhelming. There was a drama between Ka3na and Praise. People were not too surprised when Ka3na revealed that slept with each other but she got people speechless when she reveals that Praise could not last up to 5 seconds. She also reveals that Praise still came back the night of their All White Party but still did not last than 5 seconds.

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Dorathy and Brighto

However, another big highlight was when Dorathy admits that she also had oral intercourse with Brighto. It was shocking when Wathoni accused Dorathy but some of her fans defended her that nothing like that happened until Dorathy opened up and admitted that it did happen.

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The video that got Ada La Pinky’s reaction

After the video where Dorathy admitted what she did was posted by an instagram vlogger, gossipmillnaija, it sparked mixed reactions. Instagram Comedienne, Ada la pinky reacted to the video. She says that ‘Brighto wow, I think say u be born again’. She said the impression she had of Brighto was that he was a ‘Born Again’.

Screenshot of Ada La Pinky’s reaction

Recall that during the show, many viewers called Brighto an evangelist because he was extremely cool. At some point, people said he did not even fit into the show because he was not as flexible as other male housemates. People started calling him Evangelist Brighto. He was usuallly uninterested in romantic or displaying of affection in the house.

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Whenever they are playing truth or dare game, he is either not present or just not participating. There was a time he was dared to kiss Wathoni but he refused and chose to drink instead. Many people were surprised when Dorathy now revealed that she had oral intercourse with him.

However, Dorathy said he started ignoring her after they had the intimate moment. She said that he just walked past her the following morning without even saying anything to her about what happened. Dorathy said she was disappointed in him.

Brighto still maintains his stance that he is not the kind of person that come to the house for dating or doing what Dorathy wanted from him. He said he could not reject the girls when they came to him because he did not want them to feel bad.

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Ada la pinky and other people react to the video and they all said they were surprised that Brighto did what he did.

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