Checkout what an invigilator did in an exam hall which has got people talking | MadNaija Checkout what an invigilator did in an exam hall which has got people talking | MadNaija

Checkout what an invigilator did in an exam hall which has got people talking

Students after the end of every semester or academic are required to come together to take a test that will show if really understood what went on in class. The idea of exams has never been in conformity with the thoughts of students.

I mean, why don’ the lecturers ask them if they understood what they taught and move on if the response is, “yes, we understood every single thing you taught us”. Why can’t they trust students when students tell them that they understand whatever they teach?

This article is about an examination invigilator who has got the attention of people glued to him after his picture popped up on the internet.

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Usually, students tend to cheat during examinations when they are unprepared for the examination. Well, it is better to swerve failure if cheating is an available option.

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Due to this, these invigilators have been to walk through the examination hall as the test is ongoing and make sure no student cheats in the examination hall.

This invigilator I am going to talk about did his work alright but then, he has gotten the attention of people after a picture of him which was taken circulated online. What did this guy do to deserve such an attention? Take a look at the picture below then


In the picture above, you do see that he had risen to a certain height above all the students. At that particular position, he can see every single student and no student is likely to cheat realizing that there is a person over there watching them.

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There were other invigilators moving through the lanes and making sure everything was in order but this guy like walking was not enough, he had to rise above everybody and ensure no cheat gets the chance to work.

I bet he could be called omnipresent at that moment because his presence would certainly be felt by every student even though he has been restricted to one location.


Imagine not learning and thinking somebody is going to help you in the examination hall only to show up and see this. You are certainly going to fail.

The invigilator was doing his work but got people asking why he would add such drama to his invigilation. How did he get there? Well, a question for the gods.

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