If China and Russia joined forces, could they topple the United States of America and conquer it? | MadNaija If China and Russia joined forces, could they topple the United States of America and conquer it? | MadNaija

If China and Russia joined forces, could they topple the United States of America and conquer it?


Not a chance in hell. Especially if their motives are to invade and occupy the U.S.

See, America is basically impossible to invade.

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First of all, to launch an amphibious assault, you need a powerful navy capable to roaming the oceans and traversing across the planet. Basically, a blue-water navy.

No in the world, besides America, has one. So China and Russia can’ even try to transport all that raw manpower necessary to take the U.S because don’t have those logistics. Only the U.S does, to project power.

You need naval and aerial superiority before land forces when invading. And America’s air force could likely take on Russia’s, China’s, and many European countries’ on their own.

America has the largest air force, over three times the of any other country’s, with far advanced planes and technology.

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And guess who has the second largest? That’s right. Also America, only the American Navy to be specific.

That should say enough.

Now, there’s four things that the Sino-Russian coalition needs to do to successfully gain a foothold on the American coasts. (Spoiler: All four are impossible).

  1. Actually make it to the mainland without having their navies completely annihilated by American forces.
  2. Actually land with more than a dozen surviving ships.
  3. Survive the relentless, merciless attacks from American aerial forces working close to home without getting bombed into the red books of history.
  4. Not get obliterated by Marines and the Coast Guard, as well as conscripts from the American young to freshen and reinforce American troops.

After all that, they still don’t stand a chance.

Because they’ll find cities and mountains and forests and plains and deserts and rivers (not to mention whatever the hell is going on in Florida)— to put it simply, a guerrilla’s wet .

Oh, and note that the American population has more guns than people, and at least half of those people are willing to fight.

In other words, the Sino-Russian alliance has about as much chance as I do if I wanted to single-handedly invade America with naught but my puny fists and a nerf gun.

Die, filthy rednecks. It’s nerf or nothin’.

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Signing off,

αяηαν gαη∂єя


It has come to my attention that a lot of you are angry that I’m writing such a scenario and taking to the comments to argue about how Russia and China would never do such a thing, rather they would use some political, economic, or cyber tactic to bring down the U.S.

I simply did my job and answered the question that was asked of . I, too, understand the insanity of the question, but for the sake of open discussion I answered it. Please stop commenting about what the Sino-Russian alliance would actually do. Read the question before you comment.

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Thank you.

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