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I Curse The Day I Met My Husband, See The Terrible Things He Did To Me – Woman Cry Out

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I Curse The Day I Met My Husband, See The Terrible Thing He Did To Me – Woman Cry Out


Veronica Abok was born and raised at Kibera slum in Nairobi County. She was raised by a single mother together with her eight siblings.

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After completing her education, she got a job at a hotel where she worked as a waitress. At the hotel, she met with a white man whom she fell in love with. All her friends were happy for her while her parents were excited about the whole incident.


Veronica used to receive a lot of money from her boyfriend weekly. She left her job and fully depended on her lover. After a month, he traveled back to his country and promised her that he would pay for her ticket so that he would visit him. Within no time, he processed all her documents, and Veronica left the country for South America. Unfortunately, he did allow her to communicate with her family members back in Kenya

Her mother-in-law didn’t like her at all. She mistreated, beat her occasionally, and even threatened her with a gun.

Her husband planned for a wedding without her knowledge. Due to fear and frustrations, she agreed to marry him.

Madam Veronica got pregnant immediately after the wedding.

One day, he took her to the beach for an outing. She requested that he take photos of her as she walked and played with the water on the sea show. He kept pushing her into the water and almost drowned her in the deep sea. She got angry with him, and they had a heated argument. On their way home, he dumped her on the streets, and well-wishers rescued her.

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Her husband went looking for her the following day and went back home with her. She insisted on returning to her country but was locked in a room alone and without a phone. For four months, she had not communicated with her parents.

After a few days, they packed her bags and decided to let her go. The white husband took Veronica to the airport and left without a word. She didn’t mind because she was very excited to return to her country. When she landed at the Kenyan airport, she realized that she had no money on her. She cried all along until some taxi driver had mercy on her and raised some cash for her. One of them drove her to Nairobi and paid for her ticket to Kisumu.

“The driver gave me two hundred so that I could eat some food on my way,” she said.

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During the interview, she said that she couldn’t leave the country again. She regretted having met her husband who ruined her life.

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