This Is Demonic! ! See How People Are Worshipping The Devil In Public In This Country | MadNaija This Is Demonic! ! See How People Are Worshipping The Devil In Public In This Country | MadNaija

This Is Demonic! ! See How People Are Worshipping The Devil In Public In This Country

Some satanist were seen in large numbers walking towards the legislative house where performed their ritual of which the Christians in the state know nothing about.

In Washington DC, the government of the state-approved satan to be worshiped among the people. Christians who lived in the state were disgusted with the new development as Satanists can now go out in public to worship their without any form of disturbance from the government.

This is purely a sign of the end of the world, how can people who worship the devil have so much courage to go out in public and no one questioned them. The world seems to be full of evil right now and nowadays people are starting to lose faith in God.

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Christians who saw them were provoked because some saw them and rebuked them in the name of God. The satanist who saw a pentagram wearing as a parade did not care about the large crowd of Christians who mistreated them.

Their point of view is that the government has imposed religion unconstitutionally on society and therefore wants the culture to be changed.

These massive satanic marches were accompanied by flags that resembled that of the flag of the United States, implying that their activities are considered legal and protected by state laws. These satanic groups want the monument to the Ten Commandments of God in Arkansas removed, which has filed a lawsuit against it being unconstitutional.

As the Devil’s Agents marched on, two Christian women named Annah Irungu from , and Lanette Joneson berated the Devil’s people seriously and openly. They were so bold to stand up and defend the name of God. These two women showed a lot of courage without even caring about the large crowd they were up against.

It is because they know how to serve a living God who will never fail them. The action of the two women will not be forgotten in the eyes of God. One of the women who berated them. As you can see she is holding a rosary in her hands.

My friends in Christ, we can now see how the devil has enslaved our society today and how he has taken over the world. There has been a lot of immorality around the world and other anti-social vices that are not of God.

The only way to save ourselves is if we turn to God and tell him that we are and confess our sins first, then we can be free and have the assurance of heaven if we keep his commandments and obey his words.

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