How I Denied Jesus Christ To Save My Life In Sambisa Forest – Man Cry Out | MadNaija How I Denied Jesus Christ To Save My Life In Sambisa Forest – Man Cry Out | MadNaija

How I Denied Jesus Christ To Save My Life In Sambisa Forest – Man Cry Out

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How I Denied Jesus Christ To Save My Life In Sambisa Forest – Man Cry Out

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Insurgency is no longer news in Nigeria, the north-east has been overwhelmed by the activities of criminal insurgent Boko Haram terrorist. Boko Haram has been terrorizing Nigeria for than a decade now, their mission statement which is “western education is sin” as it is the meaning of “Boko Haram” in the Hausa speaking part of Nigeria.

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From the sects’ inception, fight their leaders and those who have the same faith as them deny and turn back from all forms of western education they have received so far by burning all their certificates and quit the usage of all items that involves western knowledge, such as mobile phones, cars, television etc.

This was the initial mission, but as time goes on, the sect started terrorizing people irrespective of their religion and believe, killing and rubbing people. The sect have long deviate from their mission statement to a terrorist group sucking blood.

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The activities of Boko Haram has made it more difficult for missions in the christian dome. As we all know, Christians are fund of moving from one state to the other, one and the other in the guise of mission, that is taking the gospel to the unreached, that is those that are yet to know about Christ and his saving grace.

To do so, they sacrifice their lives by going through and into places that the belief in that region wouldn’ want any foreign god’s to be mentioned.

This story was told of some Nigerian christian missionaries who were out for mission to Chad republic, they were traveling by land and had to pass through the North-Eastern states that are close to the Sambisa forest.

While on their journey, their car broke down in an unsafe location, a location that is considered and could have Boko Haram activities going on. While they were looking for a way out, the unfortunate thing happened, three Boko Haram terrorist appeared out of nowhere, shooting at them. Their guide was able to escape with some of them while two of the missionaries were captured.

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The Boko Haram terrorist knowing these are christian missionaries after torturing and interrogating them took them to one of their hide out. While they were there, the terrorist gave them and option, deny Jesus and live or acclaim him and die.

The missionaries were shivering in fear and deep confusion as the stand to make a choice between life and death. They turned to the first missionary and asked him to deny Jesus or die, after giving some reluctant attitude the terrorist cork their gun and without hesitation he denied knowing Jesus by saying “I deny him”.

The terrorist took him out of the scene and turned to the other missionary. Deny Jesus or you die, they said, but instead he was quiet, deny Jesus or you die for the second time they said, still in fear, the missionary looked to the heavens and commence singing.

The terrorist were all stunt looking at him, talking to their selves and asking, ‘what is this one doing’. The other terrorist who understood told the others that he is praying to God, they try to shut him up, but he wouldn’t stop singing, they cork their gun but the man kept on singing.

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In amazement, surprise and fear, the terrorist flee from the sin leaving the missionary with his eyes closed while singing. He kept on singing until he heard a total silence, He then opened his eyes and realize the ter rorist have all flee.

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