I Don’t Know Why My Wife Loves Me This Way, But I Believe It Is God That Is Working In My Life – Disabled Man Says


I Don’t Know Why My Wife Loves Me This Way, But I Believe It Is God That Is Working In My Life – Disabled Man Says


Many of us remember the crippled man who caught the attention of many people on social media when a video of him dancing joyously in church with his wife when they took their child for dedication surfaced on social media.

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What touched people about Monday Itu was the way he was so happy and grateful to God despite his physical condition. The video touched the hearts of many people, and taught many people a deep lesson in gratitude – to always be grateful to God for the little things He has blessed us with, even when we do not have it all.

Shortly after the video went viral, a pastor known as Rukendo Peters bought him a wheel chair. See photos below:


And recently, Monday Itu and his wife, Rose John, got the opportunity to tell the world how their love story began, and their plans for their lives.

In an interview with BBC News Pidgin, the wife Rose John recalled that when she first took Monday to her family house to meet her family, her family felt bad and rained abuses on her.

According to Rose, her family were disappointed with the kind of man she brought home. She said her family even slapped her, then drove both of them out and said that they didn’t want to see that kind of person in their family. They asked her why she would bring such a person home for marriage, and said that she would not marry him. But she told them that was the man she wanted to marry.

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The 24-year-old lady said that she and her boyfriend have been together for five years now, that they started dating when she was 19.

Rose John:


She said that when they first met and Monday asked her out, she turned him down. But the young man did not give up. The following day he sent his friends to talk to her, and that was when she finally accepted him. After that, Monday came by himself and talked to him again, and from there their love began to grow.

When it was time for Itu to speak, he said that if his wife was not with him, life would have been really bad for him, because when she was not with him things were not moving well for him, but things changed when she came into his life.

The 29-year-old man said that when she accepted him he did not have money, and now he still does not have the money to give her, but she still stayed with him. He said that he does not know why his wife loves him this way, but he believes it is God that is at work in his life.

Itu said that he wasn’t born this way. He said that according to the story his mother told him when he grew up, he was playing in the compound when he was 4-year-old, and suddenly they heard him shouting. They didn’t know what had happened to him, and when they rushed him to the hospital the doctor told them that his two legs had paralysed, and that he will never be able to walk again.

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He said that he does not have any job for now, but he is learning shoemaking, but he has not been able to set up his own place because he does not have money.

Speaking about how they are surviving, Rose said that she sells groundnut, and the profits she makes from the business is what she used to sustain the family.

Itu said that he calls her his wife because she has given birth to two children for him, and that when he has money he will go and pay his bride price.

He also talked about the things he loves about his wife. He said that he loves the way he advises him and how she respects him in the house.


He said that whenever he sees his friends hustling with their two legs he always envies them, and that life would have probably been better for him and his family if he had his two legs.

Rose said that she doesn’t see her husband as someone that is handicapped, that she sees him as someone who is complete the way others are. And that she does not have any regret being his wife, because even though he does not have money, he is caring and has a good heart too.

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The story of this couple is quite touching. For someone who does not have his two legs and has no money, but love found him in such an overwhelming way. This is clear proof that love does not look at the material possessions or the physical appearance, it looks at the heart.

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We pray God will continue to strengthen their love, and that God will give the young man job so that he will be able to provide for his family.

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