BBNaija! Dorathy & Ozo gossip about Nengi Late in the Night – see full detail

BBNaija! Dorathy & Ozo gossip about Nengi Late in the Night – see full detail

There has been a lot of drama ongoing in the house regarding Ozo and Nengi’s relationship. Ozo who won the head of house this week picked Dorathy as his deputy instead of Nengi, it came as surprise to Nengi and the housemates as they were expecting him to pick Nengi.

From the look of things, we could tell that Nengi got upset but choose to hide how she feels about it.

Late in the Night Ozo and Dorathy were gossiping about Nengi in their room.

Here is the full detail of their gossip.


Dorothy: she was disappointed you didn’t choose her as your deputy

Ozo: I had to do the right thing by choosing you

Dorothy: I already packed my bags before you even came out to announce who your deputy is

Ozo: so you knew I was gonna choose you?

Dorathy: you are making fun of me right

Ozo: you already packed your bags


They both laughed.

Dorathy: why do you think the whole Prince thing started?

Ozo: I do not know I can’t tell

Dorathy: do you think she was trying to get you jealous with Prince?

Ozo: maybe, it’s something I cannot tell for a fact, but her and Prince were not close like this before

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Dorathy: yeah, she got close to Prince when you started ignoring her, she got close to him to make you jealous.

Ozo: yeah, I suspect so

Dorathy: did you ask her why she got in the shower with you?

Ozo: the thing is what do you want me to do, should I have walked her out?. There is just drama everywhere

Dorathy: the thing is all of this drama, that’s the show. Didn’t you notice when they gave all the housemates soundtrack

Ozo: didn’t they give you soundtrack?

Dorathy: which dirty soundtrack. You don’t know the soap water you are adding to this place? Why do you think I keep telling you I don’t want to be a part of this

Ozo: I thought when Big brother asked you if you will accept to be my deputy you where gonna decline

Dorathy laughed


Dorathy: decline ke

Ozo: funny enough do you know that by this time last week the two of us weren’t even talking?

Dorathy: yes, like we were not close, if it had been last week you wouldn’t have picked me

Ozo: Nengi knows what she is doing

Dorathy: yes she does.

Ozo: she is not a kid, I mean she is exposed so it’s not a surprise to know that she is aware of what she is doing.

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Dorathy: you know she has traveled na, she has gone places so all these things she is doing she knows what it is she is doing for real.

Ozo: Neo told me something about her after I didn’t pick her

This Big brother house is becoming interesting every day. Nengi is going to be the center of gossip this week for the whole housemate.


What is your thought on this? Is Ozo suppose to gossip his first crush in the BBN.

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