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Morning Guys! Do You Quickest Way To Get A Girlfriend On Facebook? | MadNaija

Morning Guys! Do You Quickest Way To Get A Girlfriend On Facebook?


It’s super easy!

I met my beautiful girlfriend, Oluchi on Facebook early this year.

I used the format I created, which I used, and it worked.

Look! several girls are looking for a relationship just like you are looking for a relationship too.

It’s a matter of whether both of you like each other just by seeing each other’s photos on Facebook.

To get a lady which you might eventually get married to on Facebook is quite simple if you would learn these following things:


1) Not every lady will like you. Even if you like them and they don’t like you, it doesn’t mean all the ladies there won’t like you.

2) When you message them and they feel so reluctant to replying or take longer to reply to your chats it means they are not interested in you. (I faced all these before I finally met my lover, Oluchi)

3) Ladies like guys who know how to keep conversations flowing. (I will show you how to start and keep conversations flowing with a lady you like. Just keep reading)

This is how you will know if a lady is interested in you

1) She’ll reply immediately to your messages.

2) If she’s about to get busy, She’ll tell you.

3) When she replies to your messages late, She’ll tell you reasons, if you ask.

Now, here’s how to start a conversation with a lady you like on Facebook

1) Send her “hello.” It might take time before she replies. If she replies, ask her:

” How are you doing? ”

” you are beautiful, I just checked your photos ”

” hope you are having a great day?”

Always wait for her replies before sending each line of the messages I wrote above.

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When she replies to the last message, she might likely say “and you?”

Reply her beautifully and say “I’m having a good day, dear”

Now here’s the biggest and the best question

Ask her:


“Are you single?” (If she says she’s already in a relationship, just tell her to have a nice day and look for someone else)

She might likely say “why are you asking”, or “yes”

Just tell her it’s because you are single and looking for a serious relationship.

She might just say “okay”

Continue chatting with her, ask her about her family, her studies, if she’s a Muslim or Christian.

Ask her if she has ever been into any relationship before, ask her how it ended and tell her how yours ended if you have been in any relationship before. If not, just tell her you haven’t been in any.

Don’t start asking for her number yet.

Ask her if she lives alone, or with friends, or with parents.

These are the questions you can ask a lady on the first day of meeting her on Facebook to keep the conversation going smoothly.

This is how you get her contact

Tell her:


Jenifer, I’m starting to like you, even more, I just can’t wait to hear the sound of your voice. Please can we chat on WhatsApp?”

If she says “no” don’t worry, She’ll still give you. As far as she has come this far with you in chat.

That’s the way I started a conversation with my lover, Oluchi, and got her number. We made video chat on several occasions.

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comment section!

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Thank you and good luck!


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