MUST READ! Meet Nigerian Celebrities Who Photoshop Their hips and Increase It To Show Online.

MUST READ! Meet Nigerian Celebrities Who Photoshop Their hips and Increase It To Show Online.

Everyone wants to have the perfect summer and beach bodies but no one wants to hit the gym to sweat out the chocolates or wraps of ‘eba’ and ‘akpu’ they ate.

If it is possible to pray away fat, a lot of people would have done that by now.

Suddenly the world is at a stage where everyone is become more aware of their physical appearance. The right amount of fat is needed in the right places, not too much, not too little, just enough.

Celebrities are not out of the equation, they are almost the ones always putting pressure on themselves to always look perfect.

Thanks to applications that have been made available like photoshop, people are ‘photoshopping’ away. Editing their pictures and making up for things they feel they do not have physically.

These are some of the celebrities who were found guilty of photoshopping their hips and increasing the size to either deceive or please their fans or merely to feel good.

They were dragged by the same fans they were trying to please.

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Rachel Okonkwo

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Rachel is a beautiful lady who was once dark skinned but altered her skin tone. Her body, her choice right? Okay!

Well, this is about photoshop not bleaching. She posted this picture and got busted by the one and only Tunde Ednut.

See the post he made.

Fans did not take it easy with her as they dragged her non stop, asking if it was by force to be curvy.

See a photo of Rachel without photoshopped hips.

Oge Okoye

I am quite certain somebody will say, “ah ahn, this lady again?”. After pulling the stunt she did, where she ‘stole’ pictures of some dogs and passed it off as her own, one would think she would be more careful with the things she posts.

But no, all of them want to impress, so she did it, she photoshopped her hips and increased the size but her eagle eyed fans caught her.

See the post below.

There’s a comment there with a fan telling her, “go for hips surgery if you really need it that much.” These fans are hilarious.

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Here’s a photo of Oge without photoshop.

Moyo Lawal

With how curvy this lady is, you would wonder what else she needs photoshop for, but these people are never satisfied.

She increased the size of her already curved hips to make it extra curvy and was caught by fans.

See photo of Moyo without photoshop.

People were amazed as to how and why she would increase her hips through photoshop when she was already curvy.

See photo of Mercy without photoshop.

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