I Need Bigger Butts To Balance My Upper Endowment’ – Nollywood Actress Cries Out

Nigerian actress Ujunwa Mandi Obi has expressed interest in going under the knife to enhance her body.

The Nollywood star who is heavily endowed in her chest disclosed in an interview that she would like to have a body transformation especially at her backside.

Ujunwa Mandi Obi admitted not having a fine balance to her body in terms of her butts and her b00bs.

The talented Anambra State-born said: “If I have a chance, I would want to change certain things about my body.

Well, I wouldn’t say change per say, but to add. If I get the opportunity, I would want to add to my bumbum. I am not greedy, but I don’t have butts to balance my upper endowment. I need bigger butts to compliment it, then I would be fine and satisfied.”

sked what attracts her in a man, Mandy hinted that she is allergic to poor men. “I have a boyfriend who is very understanding. He does not complain. Also, he doesn’t get jealous seeing me play romantic roles in movies.

I like my man rich and handsome, after all, who doesn’t like good things? But I can’t date a broke guy. I also dislike a guy that is not straightforward,” she disclosed.

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