Photos Of Top 10 Richest Kids In Nigeria And Their Net Worth With Emmanuella Coming 3rd On The List 2020

The growing increase of young talents in Nigeria is a thing of Joy and below are the top 10 richest kids with their net worth.

1. Mustapha Junior

Mustapha Junior is the child of Mohammed Lawal Mustapha, popularly known as Mompha. His net worth is #500 Million Naira.

2. Amarachi Uyanne

Amarachi Uyanne is just 15 and she’s the most talented kid in Nigeria. She was the winner of the Nigeria’s Got Talent, a TV Reality show. She started her dancing career at the age of 5 which saw her winning 10 Million Naira in the Nigeria’s Got Talent show. She has her own Academy where she trains young talented kids. Her net worth is #30 Million Naira.

3. Emmanuella

Undoubtedly, Emmanuella is the most talented comedian as a kid and she is just 9. She became famous when she started shooting comedy skits with her Nephew Mark Angel. She is everyone’s favorite comedian on YouTube and has since trended for long. Her net worth is #25 Million Naira.

4. DJ Young Money

DJ Young Money is the youngest DJ in Nigeria and he’s just 11. He makes mine through endorsement deals and contracts. His net worth is #20 Million Naira.

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5. Ozzybee

Ozzy Bosco is 11 years old and currently the 5th richest kid in Nigeria. He’s a musician and has gotten support from the mother to make him a reputable musician in Nigeria. His net worth is #20 Million Naira.

6. Segun Wire

Segun Wire came to limelight when he made a viral video of himself pronouncing how he’d love to transform into a Yahoo kid. He is 12 years old with a net worth of #10 Million Naira.

7. Ify Ufele

Egypt Ify Ufele is a fashion designer and the owner of the clothing brand calls ChubbiLine. She learnt sewing from her grandma when she was 3 and has since blazed in the fashion industry. Her net worth is #10 Million Naira.

8. Ahmed Star Boy

I still remember when Wizkid brought him out and gave him #10 Million Naira. At 12, he showed his wealth of talent at Wizkid’s concert. His net worth is #10 Million Naira.

9. Destiny Boy

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Afeez Adesina has creative talents and he revealed he has love for Fuji music. At 13, he is the youngest Fuji pop artiste with a net worth of #8 Million Naira.

10. MaryLove Edwards

MaryLove Edwards is 15 years old and she plays Tennis. She started her career at the age of 4 and has since been blazing. In 2018, she won the CAT/ITF West and Central Africa Junior Championship qualifies. Her net worth is #5.4 Million Naira.

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