The Secret Cult Group Wizkid Belongs To That You Never Knew!!!😱😱😱 | MadNaija The Secret Cult Group Wizkid Belongs To That You Never Knew!!!😱😱😱 | MadNaija

The Secret Cult Group Wizkid Belongs To That You Never Knew!!!😱😱😱

This inquiry has been posed to multiple times by enthusiasts of the whiz. From his style of handshakes to wearing red berets and headbands, it is of no uncertainty that the “come nearer” artist has been connected to religions. Wizkid is an honor-winning Nigerian artiste who needs no presentation.


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He started his music profession in his congregation ensemble. The positive impact of afro music legends on his music profession is a verifiable truth. He has gotten aids with for sure from stars like 2face, Naeto C and Banky W. Clearly these had practically no commitment to the achievement of the Wizkid everybody knows today. He is all around regarded inside and outside the shores of Nigeria.

BET Awards, Headies, MTV, Ghana Music Awards are only a portion of the numerous honors Wizkid has gotten and he is absolutely set out toward a Grammy grant. Usually, one can pinpoint the clique an individual has a place with by specific signs. In any case, with Wizkid, the clique bunch he has a place with is somewhat dark. Bits of gossip which have circled the web proposed that Wizkid is a Viking religion part, nonetheless, a ton of his fans are sure that he is an individual from the Eiye confraternity.

How did cultism begin in Nigeria?

The main cultism development in Nigeria was designated “Pyrates”. It was established in 1952 by Nobel Prize-making creator Wole Soyinka and his companions. Later they were classified “Ocean Dogs”. After some time, another sort of local area was made, called the “secret factions

“. Albeit the first aim of cultism was to make a positive commitment to society, over the long run, it has become a coordinated wrongdoing bunch from which, numerous individuals roamed, perpetrating viciousness in Nigeria and diving into wrongdoing abroad. These days, novices go through a groundbreaking inception measure.

More established individuals blindfold them while singing, moving and drinking. They likewise structure a ring around the starts, beating them seriously from night until the early hours of the morning. The custom should cleanse the starts of shortcomings and ingrain fortitude in them. An ex-faction part told the BBC that “The second you go in there and come out; you are an alternate individual.”

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These social orders, likewise alluded to as confraternities and grounds cliques, have names like Vikings, Black Ax, Eiye and the Buccaneers. The allegation that Wizkid has a place with the Vikings may come from the way that he utilized slangs like “aro” in a portion of his melodies.

The Vikings, also called aro-mates or De Norsemen, was set up by three understudies that were previously a piece of the Pirate’s Community. Their witticism and rules are to not to withdraw even before the demise, “blood in the ocean” and to sing robbery melodies.

The Vikings’ style of handshakes called “Mauling” – which incorporates getting of the wrist or turning of the fingers – has been drilled by Wizkid ordinarily, even on camera. He is additionally famous for displaying red and dark hued berets that are related with this equivalent religion bunch. Obviously, regardless of whether he were a religion part, to pronounce that would likely contrarily affect his vocation.

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A considerable number of new music artistes are accepted to have begun to accept factions as a definite method to acquire fast notoriety and riches and to hold the admiration of music sweethearts. Some of them have given indications that show they have a place with a specific confraternity and this has been apparent in their way of life, verses, design and style.

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