EXPOSED! Journalist Who Covered Pres. Buhari’s Funeral In Saudi Arabia Finally Speaks – Shows Evidence (Video)

A Nigerian Journalist Based in London Identified as Boris Moro who reportedly Covered Buhari’s Burial in Saudi Arabia in 2017 after he died in London Hospital has exposed how the Nigerian Government swept Buhari’s Death Under the Carpet, seized his Camera, Threatened to Kill him.

According to the International Journalist, His Mother is from Britain while his Father is a Nigerian, He disclosed that he was the only Journalist who covered Buhari’s Burial and the Aso Rock Cabals – Headed by Late Abba Kyari threatened his Life, asked him to keep shut and offered him Bride which he Rejected.

The Journalist who said he worked with a popular Television station in Nigeria he was suspended from work, adding that he met Tinubu, Osinabajo, El-Rufai, Abba Kyari, and others and they asked him to shut up that the Nigerian system is different from other countries, it’s not everything that the Citizens must Know.

The Journalist also Mentioned Ganduje, Governor of Kaduna state, Sultan of Sokoto, El-Rufai and other Prominent Leaders who witnessed Buhari’s Burial in Saudi Arabi, challenged them to come out and Debunk his reports and he will come out with Video evidences, though they sized his Camera but he has a Backup.

Speaking in a Telephone Interview with another Journalist, He explained how Buhari died, where he was Buried, How the Cabals took over the Government and How Aisha Buhari Mourned on the Day Buhari died, How he met Top African Leaders to Intervene but they said it’s not there Problem.

He said:

“President Muhammadu Buhari died on the 19th of February 2017, He died as a result of Heart attack – Heart Disease in Freeman’s Hospital Newcastle, London which the Nigerian presidency failed to dispels.”

“On 19th of February, I was in London, by the special grace of God i am a Journalist, I work with one of the Leading Nigeria Broadcasting station, so I covered the event in London, he died in Freeman hospital, Newcastle.”

He explained that because Muslims don’t do embalmment that was why Buhari’s corpse was fled to Saudi Arabia where he was Buried.

He continued:

“On the 20th of February, Buhari’s corpse was fled to Saudi Arabia where he was Buried, I was there LIVE and I covered the Event where Aisha Buhari put on white attire as a sign of Mourning to her Husband who is the Late president Muhammadu Buhari.”

The Journalist further stated that he have all the Videos of Buhari’s Burial in Saudi Arabia.

“Buhari’s children where putting on black, I have the Videos, I have the photos. Then on the 23rd of February I was in Ethiopia; as a Journalist, I move Round, In Ethiopia the African Union AU, held A Minute silent for the Late Muhammadu Buhari to show their last Respect.”

“On the 28th of February, Queen Elizabeth of London gave a condolence statement to the Nigerian Government in respect of Late president Muhammadu Buhari which went Viral.”

The Journalist explained that For greed and selfish reasons, the late Aba kyari and Aso Rock Cabals swept Buhari’s Death under the Carpet.

“For all of this, the late Abba Kyari, and Cabals swept it under the Carpet for their selfish Interest. Then on the 2nd of March 2017, Eric Joyce, The Ex-British Lawmaker Issued a condolence statement to Nigeria for the Loss of her President but Cabals swept it under the Carpet then Eric Joyce got Angry and come out to say that President Muhammadu Buhari is Dead, He also challenged the Nigerian Government to sue him to court and he will come out with every evidence that President Buhari is Dead. As I speak to you, since 2017 till date nobody from the Nigerian Government came out to Challenge Eric Joyce.”

“On April 17th 2017, American Journalist, Mark Saint came out to say that the corruption going on in Nigeria is unbearable that he can’t imagine how Nigerians are surviving in that Country that there is corruption everywhere.”

The Journalist explained that what Prompted him to exposed the Truth is that Nigerians youths are suffering, 60 years of Independence; 60years of Suffering and smiling.

“The youths are suffering and the Nigerian Government is Taking them for granted, then they came up to say, No; ENOUG IS ENOUGH, Yet The Impostor in Aso Rock sent the Military to kill them”

Further saying that Buhari is Dead, the Brave Journalist challenged Aisha Buhari to come out and Challenge him and he will release the Videos and Pictures of Buhari’s Burial.

Revealing why he concealed the Truth and who he contacted when the Nigerian Government Replaced Buhari with an Impostor, He said:

“It’s unfortunate that Abba Kyari is Dead, Abba Kyari did not die of COVID-19, Coronavirus did not kill him, they Masterminded his Death, I have prove for everything am saying because i am a media personnel and for me to say whatever thing, I know i can prove it anywhere on the Earth.”

“After Buhari’s Death, we came to Nigeria and tried to Publish the News, I don’t want to Mention the Name of the Broadcasting company I work with. Our Firm (Television station) was suspended by the Nigeria Broadcasting commission, NBC, because we carried the News.

He added that Late Abba Kyari threatened and Bribed him to keep quiet.

“Then Late Abba Kyari called me to Abuja and I went to see him and he told me that if I can keep quiet that my safety to be alive will be Guaranteed and my Generation will Never suffer again, and I told him that accepting bribe is not the problem but my conscience will Judge me till I die so I did not collect his bribe and I left.

He stated that after rejecting Abba Kyari’s Bribe, he called Bolaji Tinubu, The National Leader of APC.

“After i left, I called Tinubu, the Richest man in Lagos, I still have the Number I used in Reaching him, the Number is 080 622 40104, that is the Number I used to Reach him. After I called and Informed him of the New Development, he told me that I should shut up, I should keep quiet, he threatened me and at the End of the Day I was suspended from my work, I still have the Record of our conversation.

“Tinubu Told me that Nigeria is not like other countries, that the system of Governance in Nigeria will continue to Revolve round the Cycle, that is not everything Nigerians must Know, he offered a bribe as Long as I will be able to keep quiet”

The Journalist also said that after calling Tinubu that he called Vice President Osinbajo but wouldn’t want to expose his contact to the Public for security Reasons.

“Then I called Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President of Nigeria, I went to his office to meet him in Aso Rock and I told him that I am the Journalist who covered Buhari’s Burial in Saudi Arabia, I told him that according to the Law that when a president dies, the Next person to become the president is the Vice, and he said that the Nigerian Government is not runned in that System, I told him No, that when Jonathan was there, He was the Vice president but when Yaradua die, he became the President and he said, please for his safety – I should keep quiet and go my way.”

He Recalled that Before he was suspended from work, he threatened to Publish the News about Buhari’s Death that he was receiving so many threat that People started threatening his Life.

“I also called El-Rufai because he was there when Buhari was being Buried in Saudi Arabia, El-Rufai was there, Sultan of Sokoto was there, Ganduje was there, including other Prominent People, as at that time, they threatened me because I said I was going to Publish the Video.”

The Journalist added that If any of the Nigerian Politician available at Late Buhari’s Burial can come up to challenge him, that he would be very Glad and will take the Video evidence to International Court of Justice and release Evidence.”

“The man in Aso Rock is claiming to be the Real Buhari, I will come up with every Evidence Including a video of how he was wrapped with a Nigerian Flag, with the Green white Green, I will release the Videos”

The Journalist claimed they took the Original Videos away from him but he have the Video backups.

“My Camera was seized at the Airport in Lagos when I entered Nigeria, but I have all my backups”

He added that if the Nigerian Government want to Debunk his claims as Lie, How come the African Union, AU, held a Minute silent for president Muhammadu Buhari when he died.

“I called the President of Ghana on this issue and he told me that it is not in their interest that if the People of Nigeria Cry out for 30 days (protest) that is when the AU will take up the case but as Long as Nobody has cried out, they will assume everybody know what is going on, that Nigeria is not Ghana.”

“I went to Ethiopia and explained to one of the Prime Ministers and he told me it is not in their interest and I accused him of being bribed if not he would have Taken action because he was the secretary of the African Union, He told me that he never received any bribe from Nigeria.”

“Buhari is Dead, Nobody can tell me that Buhari is still alive, when Nnamdi Kanu came up they said that he is talking Rubbish”

The Journalist added that Nnamdi Kanu claims that Buhari is Dead is true, adding that he has Never Met or spoken with Nnamdi kanu but Kanu was able to Fish out the Truth.

“As a journalist, I swore an Oath to stand by the Truth at all time, Irrespective of whatsoever. I am not answerable to any Nigerian Government, when I was suspended I waited for 6 months and I submitted my Resignation Later and established my Own Firm.”

Finally, He added,

“The Youth must Unite and protest for at least 30 days because any protest that does not Last Up to 30 Days cannot attract the attention of the European Union, United Nations and African Union.”

“Revolution is what is needed that is why the Nigerian Government is doing everything possible to stop the protests, that is why they sent the Military to go and shoot, and the Governor of Lagos state said Nobody was killed and I called him on the Phone the Day Before yesterday and I asked him why are you lying?, the Nigerian youths will come after you, and Later he was trying to change it.

“Then I called Tinubu that was when I learnt he was in France, then I flew to France to go and see him and I was not allowed to see him in his France Mansion, then I called his Phone and it was switched off, and I went to his LinkedIn page to chat him and he told me that he was Never the one that ordered the shooting at Lekki and I asked him why he ordered People to Remove the CCTV Camera at the Lekki Toll Gate and he said it was Sanwolu that ordered them not him, that Nobody can Remove the Camera unless the Governor signs it.

The Journalist Claimed that Governor Sanwolu of Lagos was Aware of the shooting of #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate, says; If they claim it’s not True Let them come out and debunk his Report and he will Publish the Voice Recordings during his Phone conversation with Tinubu, Sanwolu and other evidences.

In Conclusion, He Insisted that Buhari is Dead, the man in Aso Rock is an Impostor, If anyone of the Politicians or Cabals should challenge him, he would Release all the Videos, Photos, and Voice Records Immediately.

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