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After General Yahaya Said “Nigerian Army Will Win All Battles”- See What Nnamdi Kanu Replied To Him

The New Chief of Army Staff, General Yahaya has assured that the Nigerian Army will win all battles within the .

He also went further to say that the Nigerian Army is very loyal to President Muhammadu Buhari, hence will do everything within their power to win the battle against terrorism and insecurity in the country.

However, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Maazi Nnamdi Kanu has replied the statement made by the Army General, saying that no Army has ever won all the battles they fought.

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He went further to give instances of countries whose Armies were not able to win all the battles they fought, saying that not even the mighty armies like Roman, Soviet & American were able to win all the battles they fought.

The IPOB leader said this through his Tweeter handle, countering the statement that was earlier made by the Army General.

See some of what people are saying below:

” Hmmm Nigerian armies can simply win the battle as they won that civil war with cockroaches called Biafra led by Ojukwu. History can simply repeat itself Mr man you are free to come back & lead them to see whether Nigeria is a country or small region which claims to be a

” back to ESN, we all know that the coming of unknown gun is to avange the death of their loved ones killed and they do that by destroying govt properties not killing citizen, so any unknown gun men killing citizen are formed by the politicians especially south east politicians, “

” Please you bloggers of IPOB, should bring to the notice of MNK that is time he create a community police in all Biafra land, due to the fact that the states of Biafra, is unpolicable now that the Governor’ s have created a group to act as unknown gun men to kill citizen so as to get”

” Of a truth, God showed us what he meant in his scripture. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your Good work and Glorify him in heaven. Just one man gave an order and the whole of igbo race all over the world complied. Nwanne ekwetaram na ona eme @Ipob_supporters”

” I don’ blame uneducated Fulani Janjaweed Quota General. . because he don’ t know the definition of battles. . . he thought wining battles is to kill unarmed civilians. “

” Nigeria will win all battle, Yet your loyalty is with BuBu and Not Nigeria. . . .

Try to win the battle against Poverty, Corruption and while your at it still try to win the battle against insecurity. . . .

I wonder if you can battle PMS price. . . .

I pray this 1 stays longer in office”

” Go Out And Look For Them As They Are Looking For You, Deal With Them Ruthless” – Acting IGP Tells Police

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