"WHERE HIM GET DIs KIND MONEY? " Dino Melaye's New Car Shock Nigerians | MadNaija "WHERE HIM GET DIs KIND MONEY? " Dino Melaye's New Car Shock Nigerians | MadNaija

“WHERE HIM GET DIs KIND MONEY? ” Dino Melaye’s New Car Shock Nigerians

Reaction have trailed Dino Melaye’ s Twitter post where he unveiled his latest car: 2021 Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Dino Melaye, a Nigerian former Senator, Tweeted with the caption, ” It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. Happiness is also a form of courage. Enjoy your life without blinking. “

The senator also sent a - message to his critics who would criticize his post and new car.

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The Senator in a subsequent Twitter post said, ” Talku talku. . . talk again make l catch you. “

Twitter users have reacted asking the Senator where he got this kind of money from?

A Twitter user @ Oladips71 left a long message saying, ” This luxury life are living can be enjoyed buly everyone if only they can allow the abundat resources to circulate. But they are impoverishing people so as to always stay atop. That must be changed by you and the rest of us. Stop praising them for wasting our money.

” Our so called leaders from seeing the truth. The mone they are stealing, what do they use or need it for? Imaging Dino parading 27 cars and still buying , if he was doing business, can he use his money to acquire 27 cars? The. Tell , what does he need 27 cars for at a time?

” That’ s the mindset we need to change bro, for the to move forward. If things are allowed to run smoothly, theres more than enough to go round without needing to steal. But selfishness, greed, wickedness and self centeredness is what is blindfolding and preventing.

” Dangote will prefer to acquire 27 trailers instead of 27 cars, dat how a business man reasons, so dat will show you dat d money Dino is boasting with belongs to all of us and should not be wasted by one man who doesnt know the value of iall because hes getting it free of charge. “

@Franklinemamoke said, ” Please Rolls Royce Cullinan is not a luxury SUV, it is an executive SUV. So the way people are seeing it, makes me wonder if they know cars. Well, Cullinan is a mass- production car. Hence is not only and Dino that have it. “

@Prestigioofficial, ” Nigerian politicians, we suppose dey them if then don commot power. . Until we youths realize this fact, Nigeria will never be ok.

If diz happens to 10 of them the ones coming will change.

Pls, let’ s see the tangible things he has done his constituency when he was there. “

@Comiagbo said, ” I am not ready to talk to u, cos u are very stingy man. Look at how COAS died yet u guys won’ learn to be nice, as if life pass as we dey see am every now and then. “

More reactions below

What’ s your opinion? Is Dino proving the narrative that Nigerian politicians are overpaid?

Note: Dino already has more than 20 luxurious cars, considering his continuous social media updates.

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