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Any Girl Who Asks You These Question Might Be Ready To Settle Down With You

Effective strategies I recently learnt on how to know a serious type of lady who is ready to start a home with you is to take note of these important questions always asks that I am about to share with you today.


I am ready to settle down with you is not by mouth, rather her readiness must reflect in her actions, reasoning faculty, and words whenever you two are together.

In our world today, some ladies just want to have fun, enjoy life without an intention to get married to a man they are in a relationship with.

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For this , some young have already given up on a serious relationship, not to talk of marriage, all they see in a girl is to pass time and have fun with them.

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But my brothers, you are lucky if the girl you are in a relationship with consistently asks you any of these questions, she might be ready to settle down with you.

Are We Having Babies Immediately After Wedding Or Wait? A lady will never ask you this question if she’s not ready to spend the rest of her life with you.

Where Are We Staying After Wedding? Some men can be so funny, she wanted to be sure if you won’ drag her back to your father’s house or squat with a friend after marriage.

Will Any Family Member Live With Us After Wedding? Nowadays, only few ladies can withstand to share their home with any family member(s). This is a sensitive questions to requires a careful attention.

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Which Church Are We Attending After Wedding? Women are religious being than men, she asking it’s that she want a marriage where Christ is at the center of the home.

Will You Allow To Work Or Stay At Home After Wedding? Only few ladies of nowadays want to be a full home house, she wanted to be sure of what she is getting herself into.

Thanks for reading through, so what’re your takes on this?

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