When a girl replies to you “I’ll think about it”, just know this


It’s sometimes difficult to tell what a female is thinking when she responds with the words “I’ll think about it.” Most girls may interpret it as a way of keeping you guessing, while others may use it to gauge how deep your love for her is. But what exactly does it mean when a lady says, “I will think about it”?.

Based on my research and consultations, I’ve discovered that there could be a variety of interpretations. To determine if it is a good or bad answer, you have to consider the way she uses the phrase “I will think about it”.

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Most times This phrase is preferred by ladies because they do not want to just say yes right away. These girls who use these terms, for this reason, are terrified of being labeled as cheap girl. Most African women believe that it is much better to take their time before accepting a dating proposal because it will make the man value and respect them.

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Another reason some girls use this term is that they are not interested and do not want to hurt their feelings. As a result, it’s critical to remember how she utilizes the phrase “I will think about it.”

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