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Group Slams President Buhari Over Call For Prosecution Of Twitter Users In Nigeria



A socio-political group has berated President Buhari over the call for the arrest and prosecution of Nigerians that are still using Twitter.

The Nigeria Liberation Frontiers whose Press statement signed by her Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Abubakar Ibrahim, has said that it is undemocratic for President Buhari led Federal Government to have placed a ban on the use of Twitter in Nigeria, stating that if the synergy put into banning Twitter within 24 hours was put into fighting insurgency, such would have been a case of the past by now. He said that the present Federal Government does not care to solve problems for Nigerians, but its interest is to ensure all Nigerians are subjected to its personal will because of an interest yet to be known by all.

“This event has showcased President Buhari’s only priority. His priority is not to make things right in Nigeria, but to ensure he silence every speaking Nigerians. It is obvious the cabal has an hidden agenda, such is the rationale behind all the ill treatments meted on Nigerians by the same Government that was to proffer solutions. If the synergy put into banning Twitter and its concurrent clamour for prosecution of its users, was put into combatting Boko Haram, Killer Fulani Herders, Bandits, Kidnapping and other insecurity threats, insurgency in Nigeria would have been a thing of the past.”

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The group established that Buhari led Federal Government has not only flagged a red alert to the international community and investors, but has successfully deprived Nigerian entrepreneurs, scholars, professionals, and business gurus the most impactful platform where they can advertise, interact, create opportunities and also exchange ideas for the growth of their mediums. He accused the President for coming into power through protest and resistivity, but currently do not want to stand any of such.

“Not only that our clueless President has successfully relegated the Nation’s prosperity, progress, patriotism, image, advancement and has crippled our chances of being considered internationally by investors, he has also proven to the world that indeed, Nigeria is without a leader. No one can have anything to do with a lawless and undemocratic Nation who has no leadership. This is indeed the state of Nigeria under the Mohammadu Buhari led Federal Government.”

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“Again, Buhari and his purposeless Government have not only terminated the very impactful avenue where entrepreneurs, scholars, and professionals could advertise, interact and proffer opportunities for their respective growth, but have ceased from Nigerians a platform where they can express their opinions and dissatisfaction to events and policies of Government. He doesn’t want to behold any form of resistance, but he is a product of it.”

The group which also stated that the right thing President Buhari should have done was to apologise to Nigerians for the shame he has caused them through his undemocratic tweet, also urged FG to channel his hate, and energy in combatting insurgency in the country as a way of sustaining the unity of Nigeria.

“At this juncture, I want to conclude by unequivocally stating that President Buhari and his Government have violated the Nigerian rights, and I want to advise him to refrain from this. His hate, dictatorial tendencies and war like attributes should be channeled to Boko Haram, killer Fulani Herders, Bandits and other insecurity threats in the country. That is only when the unity and peaceful coexistence of Nigeria can be guaranteed.”

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