“I Hate Being Single, I Need a Caring Man By My Side All Night”- Beautiful Lady Cry Out | MadNaija “I Hate Being Single, I Need a Caring Man By My Side All Night”- Beautiful Lady Cry Out | MadNaija

“I Hate Being Single, I Need a Caring Man By My Side All Night”- Beautiful Lady Cry Out

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“I Hate Being Single, I Need a Caring Man By My Side All Night”- Beautiful Lady Cry Out

A beautiful and charming young lady who is fed up with being single have cried out that she needs a Man In her life. Recall that a young lady also cried out on snap chat few days ago, asking why all the young handsome were avoiding her.

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She cried sadly, saying that loneliness is not what any lady should experience. She said what made her cry the was that people who she is more caring and lovely and beautiful than, are getting into relationships while no man is ever interested in her even after increasing her melons.

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Well, another single lady have cried out again, she wrote, “I need a REAL MAN . . A man that knows about his duties, not his money, and takes his responsibilities, him teaching me about the real world, motivating me and staying by my side forever”. She just wants someone to call her own, and be sure that you will stay by her side forever, and all through the night. She released several tweets to make it obvious that she was not kidding or joking about her decision. Furthermore, she wants a caring man. Many ladies have started taking a bold step to ask their men out instead of dying in loneliness.

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Recently, a lady posted on Twitter and Facebook that she was in need of a man, who is ready to settle down with her. She got a response from a man, and within just a few months, were married. She posted also the pictures of their great and lavish wedding. When she gave birth to her baby, she also posted it.

After that incident, many ladies took the bold step, and started posting about their single lives, and that they are searching. The man who married the lady said he loves her so much because she was bold to state what she wanted. While many people were posting that they needed a rich caring man, she posted that she needed just a loving man who have a job, that was all.

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Then God brought a caring and then a rich man for her. What more can a lady ask for. Many ladies are now making the same requests.

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