"Igbo Leaders Are Afraid Of Kanu And Are Trying To Appease Him" -Prof Yusuf | MadNaija "Igbo Leaders Are Afraid Of Kanu And Are Trying To Appease Him" -Prof Yusuf | MadNaija

“Igbo Leaders Are Afraid Of Kanu And Are Trying To Appease Him” -Prof Yusuf

Professor of Bone marrow transplantation and former Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Prof Usman Yusuf has claimed that Igbo leaders in the South East are afraid of speaking against Kanu.

Prof Yusuf who was filling questions from Sun Newspaper also stated that the leaders in the South East region are trying all they could to appease Kanu.

He asserted that elders are only interested in power and not the problems at hand. “These Igbo leaders that are shouting Igbo presidency will run to Abuja or Lagos. They are afraid of Kanu and are because they are trying to appease him.” he said.

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According to the professor, the silence by the Igbo leaders regarding the attacks on the northerners has worsened the situation.” I have personally interacted with these families. Nobody is saying anything. I blamed Igbo leaders for their silence.” he said.

He cited the Northern leaders who always swing to action whenever something happens to an Igbo person. He said the traditional rulers in the North try their possible best to calm the situation.” the first people that will come out are traditional rulers and the clerics will be calming down the situation.”

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He said the scenario is different in the southeast because the elders always run to Abuja seeking Power.

He warned that if the current security problem in the South East is not tackled, it would be worse than the case of the North East.

” The way they are going, South-East will be worse than the North-East.”

What is your reaction to the statement made by prof Usman Yusuf? Do you agree with his remarks that the elders in Igbo land are afraid of Kanu? Share your thoughts below.

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Source: Sun Newspaper

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