JUNE 12: IF You Are A Igbo Man Or Woman And You Love Yourself, Avoid These 5 Things Tomorrow | MadNaija JUNE 12: IF You Are A Igbo Man Or Woman And You Love Yourself, Avoid These 5 Things Tomorrow | MadNaija

JUNE 12: IF You Are A Igbo Man Or Woman And You Love Yourself, Avoid These 5 Things Tomorrow

The 12th of June, also known as Democracy Day, was set aside a few ago to celebrate the military regime’s transfer of power to civilians in Nigeria. However, compared to many prior events in the , this year’ s event will be quite distinct.

Nigerians can no longer remain silent in the face of frightening levels of insecurity, not to mention the exorbitant cost of goods and services, and this is why the #Buhari Must Go demonstration is scheduled for June 12, 2021.

Nigerians are preparing another nationwide protest on Democracy Day, dubbed ” Buhari Must Go, ” according to sources.

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The demonstration is aimed at putting an end to bloodshed, banditry, lowering fuel and food prices, lowering electricity bills, and addressing a slew of other critical issues.

The protest publicity is trending on numerous social media sites around the country, and it has elicited a variety of responses.

A popular Nigerian activist, @Omoyele Sowere, asked Nigerians at home and abroad to participate in the big street protest on June 12.

Personally, I believe the demonstration should be called off. The for this is because in attempting to prevent the deaths of civilians, many will perish as a result of what occurred during the #EndSars protest.

But, for people who happens to be Igbo origin, the protest is a no no. either you are a Igbo man or woman, if you are know you love yourself dearly, avoid these things:


 Don’ wear all black, all yellow or all green

The above- mentioned colors symbolize something serious and very meaningful so it important you stay away from them. Black is mostly worn while mourning. Yellow and Green color are specialized for some sect of cultist.


 Don’ t Wear Beret at all

Members of Eastern Security Network, a network that was not approved by the law and are known for attacking police station and killing police officers in the Southeast uses beret alot, mostly use red beret but please, if you know you are a Igbo man or woman, living in Southeast or not, please restrain from the use of any kind of beret tomorow because you can be mistaken as ESN member and get killed or arrested.


 Don’ t go to smokers joint

Either you smoke or not, going to smokers joint tomorrowis surely going to be a bad idea. Those joints might be raid tomorow.


 If Possible, Stay in door through out

Since it is nearly impossible to distinguish between a ESN or IPOB member which are going to be the main target of police tomorrow, it is advisable to stay in door.


 Don’ t fight police or soldier

Should in case you get caught walking around tomorrow and you been accused of anything, please do not fight any police officer or soldier, if you do and you are tagged as IPOB member, you may not be able to escape it.

Rather than fight, just explain yourself.

And if you are a Igbo person in South west or northern Nigeria, please be careful of where you go and what you do. remember that IPOB were accused of intentionally destroying Lagos state properties duringg the endSARS protest. so stay .

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