“He just C*m on me” No Man can resist this 3 things – Lady brags (Video) | MadNaija “He just C*m on me” No Man can resist this 3 things – Lady brags (Video) | MadNaija

“He just C*m on me” No Man can resist this 3 things – Lady brags (Video)

I’m trying to shortlist the variety of things that come to my mind before I actually nail their favourites. Since school days I have heard so many personal preferences — “Well-manicured feet, cooking like my mamma, clear skin, great height, sexy curves,” but after talking to most of my guy friends the winners of the list are:

1. The hot body — ‘Am I too bootylicious for ya baby,’ cried Beyonce and took her so seriously on this one that it made this factor top the list.

The singer put on a few pounds to get that booty and all womankind now has to live up to the fact that the word actually made it to the dictionary. Ladies, if you have always complained of being a bit fuller, you have the right vital stats and you have him too.

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2. A sweet, surrendering smile — A woman who can smile and smile right can use one of her most powerful features. It’s a way to make it easy for a man to approach her.
Warm or playful, a smile never makes the wrong impression. To men, smiling is also a signal of acceptance, so smile on, girl!

3. — Now, this one’s my favourite. Men who use this as a parameter tend to seem less judgmental and shallow; at least we girls would like to believe that.

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Men love it when the woman dominates the conversation. A smart and sharp persona who listens with her eyes as well as her ears is often intriguing. Going beyond the natural gifts she is given, this kind of woman is extremely irresistible.

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To sum up, a woman who can be the right visual, auditory or tactile stimulation can hypnotise any man. Forget perfect if you really want to be noticed. Think colours, curves and confidence. Welcome to my world ladies.

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