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Just In: Mixed Reactions Over Inclusion Of Benue State On Biafran Map – Check It Out

A social media post by an online user suggesting Benue state’s inclusion on the map of the secessionist republic of Biafra, has divided Benue people online, IDOMA VOICE reports.

The poster who goes by the Facebook handle, Jvc Kizy Boy Ernest, took to a popular Benue social media group, BENUE NEWS LINE MAKURDI, and asked whether Benue state is on the Biafran map, which elicited a lot of divided opinions.

He wrote; “Benue state has also exist on the map of biafra?”

While some feel the state should be part of Biafra stressing on security, religion and cultural reasons, others insist Benue will form a separate Republic of Middle Belt with other minorities.

Some (especially Tivs) proposed what they called ‘Takuruku Republic’.

Some others argued that only Benue south (Idoma/Igede) was part of Biafra.

See some of the reactions below:

Enoch Oka wrote; “Yes, we are 101 perc. in support of Biafra to realize”

Edache Eddie Onjefu wrote; “Biafra is one agitation, several other Nigerian ethnic nationalists are clamouring for self rule so Biafra map is only an aspiration as a land lock and the River Niger is controlled down south by Ijaws so Biafra is spreading its tentacles for economy reasons in the event there is a successful break away. Middle Belt is also tickling.”

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Shardye Victor wrote; “Both of them are the same to Benue, bcos Biafra’s are not easy to handle, talking of Northerners, are the worst to Benue now because of Fulani’s and Boko Haram, so north central shall form his own & be of her north central independent !!!!!!!”

Peter Ado wrote; “Imagine how some one will be talking about middle belt those herdsmen that are after jihad are killing us, are they not the ones has the highest population in middle belt? It is better to remain in this zoo called Nigeria than to talk of middle belt. Apart from Benue state which of this state again from middle belt that is not been controlled by those people?
Benue state we are Christians and Biafra is the only Christian state we have and that is where we belong.so any body that don’t want to go to Biafra let the person stay back there is no problem with that.”

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Thompson Andy wrote; “if they want to divide Nigeria more than at least one hundred country will emerge I bet that with u, just take for instances the Igede will form their own country likewise the idoma same with tiv, not to talk of other state where tribalism is taken like bread and tea.”

Bemskies Simon; “Some parts of Benue state are captured on the Biafran map, only the TIV part of Benue state is not captured.”

Terzungwe Achin wrote; “TAKURUKU republic all the way”

Jacob Pev wrote; “Islam are the problem of this country every day long long shirt hmm they can smell oya stupid cows let’s go.. i stand with BIAFRAN”

Tyokula Godwin wrote; “Please for my own noo we are Biafra but let Orton and Tor tiv should answers this question I come in peace”

Shagher David wrote; “I am in delima bcoz if I say bf I will clean Igbo gnash if I say Nigeria I might one day turned to Muslim.”

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D’Prof Shaapera wrote; “Never! We are Middle Belt!! A nation of fertility… motion moved!!!”

Torkula Monday wrote; “Benue have no focus? They belong where Nigerians place them”

Sughter Levi; “weather we didn’t locate on the map but I have already nationalized with Biafra , afterall am ojuku by name, kedo kau do”

Normal Boy wrote; “My prayer request 🙏

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