Do You Know Its Not Illegal To Use Your Wife To Entertain Your Guest In This African Country, See Where

In a continent like Africa where the concept of marriage is held in high esteem, it is shocking to see that a place like Namibia would be so generous to the point of allowing their wives sleep with guests when they come to pay them a visit.

For them, it is important to give honour to whom honour is due. In this regard, when a visitor comes knocking, the man of the house shows his approval and pleasure of seeing that guest by giving him a treatment called the Okujepsia Omukazendu treatment

How this works is that the wife of the man is given to the guest for him to enjoy her comfort for the night.

The man of the house will leave the room for the guest and his wife, while he on the other hand would have to sleep in another room. In a situation whereby there is no available room, the man will sleep outside.

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The woman on the other hand does not have a say in this decision because, for them, a woman’s submission to her husband comes before anything else in marriage. She has to be welcoming to the visitor just as her husband is.

However, she can choose not to have s*x with that visitor when they are both in the room, but, she cannot refuse to sleep in the same room with him.

If she chooses to have s*x with the visitor, it would not be used against her, and if she also chooses not to have s*x with him, it is okay by the community. The end goal is to make their guest comfortable and to make him feel welcomed.

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It sometimes goes both ways too. A woman can give any of her friends to her husband whenever she comes visiting. Though, unlike that of the male guest, it is not common that women give their friends to their husbands when they come visiting.

For the people of Namibia, the benefit of this tradition is that it reduces jealousy and it also fosters relationships amongst themselves.

They believe it strengthens their communal spirit because everyone is free-spirited and willing to share. If they can share their wives, then they can share almost anything.

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