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Ladies Note! Your Man Wont Ask You These 8 Things – Check Them Out.

Ladies Note! Your Man Wont Ask You These 8 Things – Check Them Out.

Every man is attracted to one or two female but ideally, he his only permitted to pick one that suits him. Every man you meet his unique in his own way.

Not every man you come across will fall for you. Because each man with different taste and your man is with you because he appreciates what he sees in you.

These are the things every man want in a woman but won’t say it out loud;

1. Every man loves it when a lady keeps the conversation lively.

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We all chat to some extent that we have no further energy to keep a conversation going as planned, as a lady when your man exhausts his points you can as well come up with you own points to keep the conversation between you lively. No one wants a boring chat.

2. Do not be the moody type of girl.

Being lively and jovial is what some men want in a lady. Having those two things make your man happy when he’s around you. Most men don’t want s woman that is moody and frowning all the time. Be cheerful and happy always.

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3. Be a nurturing woman.

In a relationship, all a man wants is a woman that shows concern about everything happening. Be caring, the truth is all man loves a caring woman that will rub his back after work, cook for him, kiss and hug him and even have a good bedtime with him.

All these things a man won’t ask but in his mind, he’s craving for it.

4. Always express yourself to him.

Why are you with your man if you cannot tell him how you feel. A reasonable man will pay attention to what his woman has to say when it comes to feeling, though not all the time but 85%. But just because you man can not listen to you always, do not mean he does not love you. He is human also, just understand that.

5. Comport yourself when you are with his friends.

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Every man loves it when his woman knows how to behave around his friends. Not all women understand this but it speaks highly of your man, what you do when you are with his mates so that they will not speak badly about you when you leave.

As a woman know how to talk when you are with your man’s friends.

6. Men also love the surprise.

Don’t let him be the only one doing the surprise. It does not speak well of you if you do not surprise your man once in a while, you can buy him some new shoes, wristwatch, clothes, jeans. Not necessarily you go or spend beyond your limits. Surprise him according to your pocket and he will definitely appreciate you if you do that.

7. Listen and pay close attention to him.

What I mean by listening is that you should not assume that the person you love did something meanwhile he didn’t do anything. Listen and pay attention to the side of his stories before you judge him. Do not assume.

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8. Appreciate your man.

This is very important for a woman to do. No matter how small, always be thankful to your man. No man will say this out but a woman of virtue should know the importance of appreciation.

I hope I have passed an important message to all ladies and even men out there? Please don’t forget to share, comment and like. Thanks!

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