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Morning News: The Igbos Might Suffer In Nigeria For 600 Years

There are indications that a new terrorist group might have been birthed in the Southeastern part of Nigeria. Events of security breaches in the region, which gained momentum during the EndSARS wave of protests in October 2020, share similarities with the Boko Haram group.

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Recall that Boko Haram has been launching deadly attacks in Nigeria for the past 10 with over 30,000 people dead and properties in the tune of of Naira destroyed.

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In recent times, gunmen in the South-east have been openly confronting security operatives and overrunning security formations. have attacked and killed the police, prison officials and soldiers. It is no news that police stations are now burnt with ease in the South-east by these faceless militias

According to the TheNation, security formations in the South-east have been attacked over 21 times this year alone with deaths and massive loss of properties recorded. Yesterday morning alone, two police stations were attacked and raised.

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Who are those responsible?

The usual suspects of these attacks are members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, who have also birthed an armed group known as the Eastern Security Network, ESN. The ESN has been apparently at war with the police, Nigerian army and air force since inception. Brutal killings in the region have been linked to members of this group. The rhetorics of the leader of IPOB – Nnamdi Kanu appears to be instigating criminally-minded people and other cultists with access to arms and ammunition to launch attacks on security operatives. These deadly lawbreakers are now coming out to orchestrate mayhem, under the cloak of freedom fighting and secession.

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What is the resultant effect of the crises?

A new terrorist group might be at the formative stage in the South-eastern part of Nigeria, which is famed for producing some of the biggest and most successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Boko Haram operated in this manner in Borno State about a decade ago before becoming a full-blown terrorist group. This spells suffering of 600 years and doom for the Igbos if the Southeast becomes volatile and the entire security structure collapses. This means that the economy will also bleed as nobody does business where his life and properties are in . The direct implication of this is that the South-east will continue to slide into abject poverty like the northern part of Nigeria – a geopolitical zone that accounts for over 50% of the 88 million Nigerians living in extreme poverty.

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It is easy to destroy but it is harder to rebuild. If the Igbos idly open their eyes and allow the secessionist groups to metamorphose into terrorist groups, they will be forced to live with the consequences like the North is facing. Hyperbolically speaking, the Igbos might suffer for 600 years and I pray that doesn’t happen.

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I know this sounds harsh but my intentions are good. Do you agree with my views?

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