MUST READ! Check Out What Every Ladies Wants But They Are Shy To Ask For It | MadNaija MUST READ! Check Out What Every Ladies Wants But They Are Shy To Ask For It | MadNaija

MUST READ! Check Out What Every Ladies Wants But They Are Shy To Ask For It

MUST-READ! Check Out What Every Ladies Wants But They Are Shy To Ask For It

Girls can play mind games very well and you can hardly tell what is  going through their mind very well. Women are very emotional and a times hardly express their feelings . That is why there will use phrases like ‘ode’, ‘ big head’ , ‘ you just forgot about me’ and many others when want to express their feelings for you.


They are many things going through their mind but very few guys knows these. So if you want to impress your girl and drive her crazy for you, here are 15 things  almost every girl wants but will never ask you to do.

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1.    Random grabbing


Girls like touchy guys. They love it when you can grab them from behind in a gentle way without letting her know. Remember she might not ask for this but this is something most girls love and when you do this in your relationship, you increase your level of intimacy with her.

2.    Play together


You might not spend the whole time with her but she will love it when you create special time and do something adventurous together. When you play with her always, it makes her crave for you .

3.    Watching movies together

She will always want to spend time and watch movies with you so whenever you see her falling on you when you are on your system doing something, just sacrifice that time and switch to movies. Most girls love this.

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.    Love in public

Don’t ever feel shy to introduce her to some groups of your friends when both of you are in public. Girls love it when you do something like this in public. You can also publicly kiss or hug her. When you can do this in the public, it shows you will hardly cheat on her.

5.    Embraces

She needs hug so you should always find a to give her that hug every day. Don’t treat her like your fellow man by just giving her a hand shake. She will always feel secured in your arms and your hug is the best assurance she needs. Remember, she might not tell you this but she wants it.


6.    Bathing together

Doing this will increase a lot of intimacy in your relationship. If she is about going for a bath, just tell her you will accompany her. Even if she refuses, don’t give up as she will soon agree. But she will feel more secured doing this when both of you are married.

7.    Text

Studies have shown that getting a text from someone you love can improve your mood all through that day. Even if you will call her, try sending her a good morning text as this is a very romantic way to greet her.

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8.    Nickname

You can look for a very special name and call her. It might be her childhood nickname or a name she normally likes. If you feel like doing this, don’t hesitate to do it as most girls love this.

9.    Escort her

Hold her hands and accompany her when she is leaving your place. Open the door for her and treat her like a . Most girls love this little treatment.

10.  Give her space

Always prove to her that you are ambitious by giving her space to have quality time to play with her friends. Don’t be that guy who will call her 10 times a day. She also needs to be free for a while.


11. Dirty talk

Don’t wait for her to initiate this as she might never do this. Almost every girl in the world likes this. Try and have some dirty talks with her even if it is before the main action.

12. Sleep on you

]She might not tell you this but feel free and let her sleep on your chest. This is where she might feel secured the most.

13.  Change places

It must not be only in the bedroom. Feel free to have this intimacy anywhere in the room like the kitchen, bathroom or even inside the car as far as no one is there. Girls love this but might not ask you for it.

14.Take amazing photos

Whenever both of you are alone, tell her to try different poses and capture her. Every girl wants to be licked by her partner and more so, only both of you are in the room.

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15.  Likes to dominate

You must not be in charge always as she will like to lead you sometimes. Don’t hesitate if she does this because women love this.


You must not be rich before you can be romantic. Doing normal thing in a special way is a very big sign of romance. Most Nigerian guys always treat their girls anyhow with this notion that ‘she loves me for who I am’ but there are little things you will do that will increase her affection for you.

Try these little tips and see the result.

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