MUST READ! Don’t Marry These (4) Types Of Women If You Are Not Rich – See Point

MUST READ! Don’t Marry These (4) Types Of Women If You Are Not Rich – See Point

.women are blessing unto men but this can also become pain and sorry when things eventually goes wrong.

The type of women we men marry matter a lot because the type of women we marry will determine our success or failure in life.

As a man, there are certain women that are not good for use, I am not saying that those women are bad but those type of women might not fit into our standard of living and if we make such mistake and marry that type of women, the marriage can be a living hell.

The most important thing is to marry a woman who will understand you and work with you in love and unison.

If you are not financially buoyant, there are certain women you should not consider getting married to, if you do then you are inviting trouble to yourself and your family.

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Believe This will then turn out to be a big liability unto you because you never expected it.

Below are certain women that you shouldn’t marry if you are not rich.

1. Too pretty woman

When a woman is excessively pretty, she will cause all manner of attraction, whenever she goes out there will be men flocking around her and wanting to take care of her need if she will just accept them.

This type of woman need money to take care of her skin so she can continue to glow but what if you can’t provide those things she needs, she will be tempted to flirt outside the marriage and before you know it, she is having a secrets affairs with another man out there.

2. Too curvy woman/woman with lot of front and backside.

This type of woman is called trouble caller because of her endowment, she will always cause distraction and attraction anytime she goes out of the house, if you are the man; your heart will begin to beat anytime she goes out of the house, men are easily attracted to this women, even me too.

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I must turn back too take a look when they pass me.

3. Too materialistic woman.

This one is called the liability type of woman because of her excesses know materialistic demand, she don’t care how or where you get it from as long as your satisfy her materialistic desire.

Don’t even think of marrying these type of woman if you are not rich because you will soon start drinking garri with tears and you will even lose the woman also.

4. A Woman who gossip and always causing problems.

If you are not financially buoyant to live in private house then don’t bother marrying this type of woman because if you rent a face me I face you type of house, you will always come home to settle quarrel and fight and if you are not careful, one day it might be your head that they will break.

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This is just and advice, all women are good but there are entities that match very well so take your time and make a good decision.

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