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What The Name of This Church – New church uniform causes stir on social media [Photos]

In the church there is indecent dressing or indecency and there are reasons, causes and effects. Church is a public building according to Advanced Learner’s Dictionary where Christians gather to worship.

In this man of the church wear clothing, they look like the ladies, but you can only notice them, if you look on their faces. This new trend of who prefer to wear ladies’ robes has become a new fashion that seems to some people to be very confusing, because we all know that only women and girls have a robe.

God’s prophets have constantly advised His children to dress modestly. When you are well cared for and modestly dressed, you invite the spirit’s companionship and you can influence others well. Your clothing and care influence how you and others act.

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In this church, much is happening and even the shepherd himself is wearing the blue long socks. You can say their children playing drums on the streets. Some people sit on the chairs while others sit on the floor. It’s true that churches regard our different beliefs as a chance and they use it to play with the minds of people.

According to the photos published in social media, men wear short dresses underneath a short black leg. This has caused arousal in social media because many people don’ know the uniform or clothing of the church.

Some of the members of the church came to their rescue and accused Twitter critics of trying to put their nose in a code of conduct.

Never lower your dress standards. Do not use a special opportunity to be immodest. When you dress immodestly, you send a message that goes against your identity as God’s son or daughter.

Show respect for the Lord and yourself through dressing up for the meetings and activities of the Church. This is particularly important when taking part in sacramental services. Young men should dress dignifiedly in sacramental ordinances.

If you are uncertain of what to wear, study the prophets’ words, pray for guidance, and ask for help from your parents or leaders.

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