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10 signs that clearly shows she will be yours unless you're not ready for a relationship | MadNaija

10 signs that clearly shows she will be yours unless you’re not ready for a relationship

Women find it hard to keep their feelings, and they won’t also tell you directly if they love you, they will only show you some signs and expect you to make your move. If the love she has for you is unconditional, she will always find a way to express them. True love is always hard to hid.

In this article, I’ll be giving you some clue that clearly shows that a girl is beginning to like you. Guys who find it hard to know if a girl love them, can know through these below signs.

1. She will always feel comfortable and free around you.

When a girl like you, she won’t mind of anything, she can do anything even when you’re there. She doesn’t feel shy, she do things freely and so on. If you notice this sign, it clearly shows she is into you, you can make your move if you’re also interested in her.

2. She will always remember every details about your previous conversation especially the relationship part.

When a girl is into you, she will always want to discuss relationship stuffs with you and she will never forget any part of it. This sign clearly shows that she is interested in having a relationship with you.

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3. She cancels some of her daily schedules just to be with you.

A girl who doesn’t love you will never cancel her daily activities just to be with you, she will see it as waste of time, but if she loves you, she will be glad to cancel her plans and then come spend the day with you.

4. She give up easily whenever you have an argument.

A woman who loves a man will never want to argue too much with him, even when he is wrong, she will just overlooked it. Also, a woman who loves you will not drag things too much with you.

5. She doesn’t mention any other guys when she is around you.

This is clear enough, she only think of you alone. She doesn’t have any other person apart from you.

6. She tries to impress you as much as she can.

Just try to notice this, tell a girl that you love the type of girls that doesn’t really use make up and see if she reduce the amount of her make up. If she doesn’t it mean she love you. She will want to impress you since that’s what you want and if she doesn’t reduce it, she doesn’t like you.

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7. She doesn’t pick any calls whenever you guys are on a date.

When she does this, it means she want to enjoy every moment with you and she doesn’t want anything to disturb or distract her. If you notice this, then she cherish you a lot.

8. She is always by your side in hard times.

9. Her behavior to other guys is different from the one she gives you, she treats you specially.

10. Lastly, she doesn’t keep anything from you, she just tells you everything, even girls stuff.


A girl who is not bold enough will never tell you she loves you directly, she will do it through these above signs. When you notice the signs, you should make your move, unless you’re not ready for a relationship.

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