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7 Non seductive things women do that drive men crazy and make them fall in love instantly | MadNaija

7 Non seductive things women do that drive men crazy and make them fall in love instantly

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Today we’ll be discussing few things that women do that turn every man on. its not seductive but still yet it turns men on.

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1, An independent woman with Ambition

A lady with a good job, that can take care of her self or little things she needs and don’t depend on any man to feed her or take care of her bills, this makes the man have some type of certain trust in her that she’s not in love with him because of money but instead true love, and also men always want a supportive woman but also don’t want a high maintenance lady. so therefore this really turn men on when they find a beautiful lady with a good job.

2, Confidence

confidence is another thing that turns men on, any woman with enough confidence can get any man she wants , this is because men cherish any woman with full confidence. likewise women also cherish men with confidence, this is a criteria both men and women look for in their partners.

3, A girl that can play Games [consoles] like fifa or knows about football.

well she doesn’t have to know everything about football, but the little idea and interest she has in football can make her get any man she wants, this is because men prefer to chill or hangout with their guys when its time to watch football or play football games, no man wants a woman that Nags when they are watching their favorite team play, or when they try to have a nice time with their console. but if a lady also has interest in this, she automatically won the guys heart.

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4, wearing leggings or tight pant trousers

the leggings will clearly outline the ladies silhouette and men get to see what they are working with without having to see them unclad, this type of clothing turns every or 90 percent of men on.

5, The same Music Taste

yes this really turn men on, because no men would want a woman that Nags about their type of music. if you both share the same taste of music, this increase the love bond because when you’re both together you’re probably listening to the same music and can also help strengthen the relationship. because this leaves a room for discussion whenever the music is on.

6, Smell Good.

when a lady smells so good, it attracts men to her, this a sign of boldness and neatness, its indirectly seductive, because when she gives you a hug or cuddle up with you, later on you’ll still smell her on your body or cloths

7, Eye contact

this is one of the craziest way women turn men on, when a girl looks straight into your eye without blinking or sometimes they do wink, this drive men crazy and instantly turn them on in no time.

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