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An apprentice fled his master’s home after he was caught sleeping with his master’s wife in Lagos | MadNaija

An apprentice fled his master’s home after he was caught sleeping with his master’s wife in Lagos

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An apprentice trader at Ladipo Market Mushin identified as Emenike has fled his master’s home after he was caught sleeping with his master’s wife in Lagos.


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The incident happened around Ailegun Road in Bucknor Estate at Ejigbo where they reside. The matter has been reported to the police in the area.

But the wife revealed the plan to the house boy, insisting that he did nothing wrong because she lured him into it as her husband had abandoned her and the children and faced business. However, there has been turn of events since then.

The wife has insisted that the husband should withdraw the matter from the police and allow the Emenike to come back. It was gathered that the wife was threatening to expose her husband if he insisted on arresting Emenike and sending him away.

I gathered that Ugochukwu (surname withheld) married Ego some years back, they had three kids and lived comfortably in their own house at the estate.

However, Ugochukwu’s business scope expanded and he was travelling out of the countries to import vehicles and spare parts which they sold at the Ladipo market. It was learnt that Emenike was the senior manager among other apprentices Ugochukwu had and was very loyal to both his boss and his wife.

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I gathered that the wife fell in love with Emenike because he was not only humble, but gave her access to her husband’s money. The show of affection led to both of them having intimate relationship which closed the emotional gap her husband created because of his business and frequent travelling.

But the amorous relationship between Emenike and his wife was revealed to the man and he acted on it and caught them. The day the incident happened, the husband who had travelled returned unannounced and with the arrangement of an insider in the house, Emenike was caught inside madam’s own room.

I gathered that when the husband knocked at the door, they had no choice than to open the door and Emenike fled. Since then, his whereabout remained unknown except for the madam who was planning for his comeback.

I learnt that Ugochukwu seemed to be in a dilemma on what to do now because of the wife’s threat to expose him and likely crashing their marriage and then temporarily leave the house. It was not certain what Ugochukwu will do to both his wife and Emenike, and nobody knew what the wife had threatened to expose if her husband did not bring Emenike back

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