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Avoid These 2 Things In Your Marriage If You Don't Want Your Husband To Cheat On You | MadNaija

Avoid These 2 Things In Your Marriage If You Don’t Want Your Husband To Cheat On You

Having a perfect marriage entails knowing things to prevent that are capable of destroying your marriage.

You have all it takes to build the type of marriage you ever wished, as long as you are dedicated to do that.


A marriage may start shaking if the attention of the man starts shifting outside the marriage.

Though many have believed that men are known for such lifestyle, but it is still wise to know that women contribute a lot in pushing the man outside, because it is never the intention of any man to abandon his wife after marrying her.

So if you are still doing these 2 things, just know that you may be pushing your man’s attention outside:

1. Late Meal

If I am not mistaking, I would say that some men married on time because of the issue of cooking, most men really find it difficult cooking. This always make it easy for them to love one that prepares food for them. Once a man starts eating outside, chances are that part of his attention will be diverted from you, and this is why you should avoid late meal.

2. Being Too Strict

Men love peace of mind, they love happiness, they love to feel comfortable at home. Meanwhile you as a wife is supposed to be the source of the comfort he wants.

But if you fail to make him comfortable at home, chances are that he can divert his attention outside where he can get such comfort.

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