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"I Caught Him Cheating & He Dumped Me Because I Couldn't Do This"- Lady Cries Out On Social Media | MadNaija

“I Caught Him Cheating & He Dumped Me Because I Couldn’t Do This”- Lady Cries Out On Social Media

Trust is the foundation and bond of any good relationship. Once that is broken, it is impossible to have that level of trust you once had. Once a man betrays his woman’s trust he almost certainly never regains it completely, that fact will always linger in her mind and vice versa.

In relationships these days, I have heard people say, never trust a man or never trust a woman. But to me, I see no reason why you shouldn’t trust your man or your woman. Those who say all men are the same or all women are the same are just making an unfair generalization of a whole gender with no consideration to the countless trust worthy people among them.

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While sharing past relationship experiences, a lady who goes by the name of Miracle Shadrack took to her twitter account early this morning to reveal how she was once dumped by her man after she caught him cheating. According to her, he said he couldn’t be with someone who couldn’t mind her business.

Here’s her tweet

To me, I think she ought to have dumped him first. Someone like that is really not someone you can ever have a good relationship with. Anyways he dumped her because she couldn’t mind her business, why must she catch him cheating? Now she feels a certain kind of way about men. Look at how she ended her tweet, “Fear those animals that have one pole and two gingle bells” between their legs. Miracle has definitely been a victim of the bad boys and these resentment he has towards men can be understood only that she forgot that while generalizing all men, she’s got a father and brothers.

See How People Reacted To Her Tweet

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