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Dear Guys, If You Notice Any of These Things In Her, Don't Marry Her | MadNaija

Dear Guys, If You Notice Any of These Things In Her, Don’t Marry Her

Relationship itself is a course you have to study and understand before you jump into doing it exam which is marriage. As a man, if your girlfriend do any of the thing that will be share in this article, you must think twice before you marry her.


1). When the lady you in a relationship with lack respect to the extent that she doesn’t give you the respect you deserve as her boyfriend, that is one thing you have to consider first before you propose to her. If she lack this while you are dating,you can’t imagine the worst that is in store for you while you get married to her.

2). When your girlfriend always dress indecently, and you always try to correct her anytime she dresses like that but she won’t listen to you, just imagine the case when you get married to her.

(This picture is use to illustrate a lady who dress indecently, Credit: Pinterest)

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3). If your girlfriend like gossiping a lot, don’t marry her. You won’t know when she will say all what that is happening in your relationship to the people that suppose not to hear what that is going on in your relationship.

(Pictures illustrating ladies that are gossiping; Credit: Shutter stock)

4). Most men like a lady that is a good cook so that they will not just be going out hanging around in eateries or restaurant, but if anytime you ask her to cook for you, and she feel reluctant or maybe she ask you to go to a eatery to eat, think twice before marrying her.

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