Dear Ladies, Before You Date Any Yahoo Boy You Should Know These 4 Things

Cybercrime popularly known as yahoo is now becoming a trend among Nigerian youths these days.

To most Nigerian youths, being a “yahoo” boy is no big deal at all and they feel that it isn’t even a crime.

This is sad as that idea is very wrong! Being a yahoo boy is very very wrong!! But then, you have already heard that before, right?!

One thing I have now started to observe is that girls/ladies always seem attracted to yahoo boys.

To be straight forward, most ladies flock themselves with yahoo boys.


Anytime I see this, I ask my self these questions;

“Do these ladies really care about these yahoo boys?”

“Would these ladies have been with these yahoo boys if the yahoo boys had no money?”

“Can these yahoo boys sacrifice themselves for these ladies?”

After deep considerations, I came to the conclusion that the answer to all the above questions is no.

Hence, I decided to write this article. A must-read for every lady.

Dear ladies, before dating any yahoo boy, here are 4 things you should know;

1. Yahoo Boys Are Wanted Criminals.

Ladies, I hope you know that cybercrime is a very high criminal offense, and when caught the punishments are very critical.

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Any lady who wishes to associate/date a yahoo boy should know that she is associating with/dating a wanted criminal. So if you are caught by law enforcement with a yahoo boy, know that you are most likely going to be dragged into a mess that you won’t like.

You could be tagged to be a criminal too, whereas you are not.


2. Yahoo Boys Only Love Money And Nothing Else.

“Images used for illustrative purposes.”

So you are a lady dating a yahoo boy and you think he loves you??

You have got to be kidding me!!

Yahoo boys commit multiple crimes such as impersonations, robbery e.t.c. just for petty money. Doesn’t that prove that they only care about money and no one else.

3. Some Yahoo Boys Are Ritualists


Images used for illustrative purposes.”

Am quite sure that most of us have heard stories and even seen on the news of how some yahoo boys use people(ladies most especially) close to them, for rituals.

Although, not all yahoo boys are ritualist, but how sure are you that the one which you are associating with/dating is not one of them?

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I reserve my comment on this one.


4. Yahoo Boys Live Extravagant Lives With No Plans For The Future.

If you are considering dating a yahoo boy, then surely you are aware that yahoo boys are wasteful and they spend recklessly.

How then would you solve your issues when real problems come and there is no money left??

Think about it!!

A word is enough for the wise.

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