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Dear Men, Any Woman That Can Remain In Relationship Without These 5 Things Is A Wife Material | MadNaija

Dear Men, Any Woman That Can Remain In Relationship Without These 5 Things Is A Wife Material

One of the beautiful creatures of God is a woman. She can make or mar a man with her characters. A woman’s heart is emotional and that’s why when she loves, she loves deeply and when hates, she strongly hates.

Some women are worth being crowned with life marriage according to their manners while some use her beauty to get a man but will later get dumped for her bad characters. So, any woman who can remain in a relationship with a man after seeing the following things is wife material and deserved to be cherished.

1. A woman who can use her wisdom, intellect and gentility to calm a man down when he is angry is wife material.V

A lady calming her man down

If you have such a woman, do let her go.

2. Any woman who never cheats on her man and she never feels her man is cheating on her is wife material. That means she is loyal and can be trusted.

A lady caught with another man

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3. Once a woman respects his man to the extent of kneeling for him as her norm, she should be labeled a wife material and will never disrespect her man’s opinions.

4. Any woman who can cook like a professional chef is wife material. She can use her food to bring his man’s sense back home


An African woman preparing meals.

5. A woman that can spend any amount on a man especially during this era is wife material.

A lady who is ready to spend money on a poor man.

6. When a woman doesn’t expect her man to spend on her while on a date, know that she is showing the quality of a wife material.

7. Once a woman can start going to church or mosque when she has the opportunity to go to a club and enjoy herself, she will be useful in marriage as wife material.

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8. If a woman doesn’t like gossiping or intervening in other people’s matters, she is wife material.View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

9. Any woman who offers her life as a sacrifice to save her man is pure wife material and should be named a hero.

10. A woman that never rejects his husband’s money when it is small. She is content with his poor status. That is a wife material to the core.

11. Any woman who stays gentle at home without quarreling with her neighbors is a responsible lady and should be called wife material.

.(picture illustrating a gentlewoman sitting in her man’s home calmly)

Qualities of a wife material are many, but you can add your own in the comments section below.

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