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Dear Parents, This Is How To Know If Your Child Is Into Cultism | MadNaija

Dear Parents, This Is How To Know If Your Child Is Into Cultism

Dear Parents, This Is How To Know If Your Child Is A Cultist

I have seen cases of how most parents make claims of not knowing that their child was into cultism. Most of them would say things like:


“He was a very good child. I didn’t even suspect anything.”

Well to be honest, I really won’t blame any parent for making such claims. However, there are certain characters and behaviors that should make you start suspecting your child.

The thing is, anyone who is new to cultism will always change:

1. His behavior/character.

2. His dressing.

3. His manner of approach.

And if a parent can’t notice these changes in their children then I would say that parent needs to concentrate on his/her child.

Below are 4 ways to know if your child is a cultist;

1. If your child has lots of strange scars and bruises all over his body.

Dear parents, let me make this known to you. For a person to join a cult group, that person has to be tortured with weapons like matchet, cutlass e.t.c. to test the person’s strength.

In the process, if the torture, the person ends up with scars, injuries, and bruises. So one of the ways to know if your child is a cultist is by inspecting your child’s body regularly.

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If your child has lots of scars on his body and he refuses to tell you how he got it, then am afraid there is a high chance of him being a cultist.

2. If you regularly find traces of blood on your child’s clothes.

Being a cultist is one of the bloodiest things, as there is usually blood spillage and loss of lives.

As cultists, all they do is fight here and there. So they are sure to lose blood most times.


So if you usually see traces of blood or even lots of blood on your child’s cloth, then there is a probability that he is a cultist.

3. If your child begins threatening everyone with death.

Like I said earlier, cultists are very bloody. And as time goes on, they begin to see killings as little things.

Hence, they resort to it anytime they are offended.

If your child does any or all of the above-listed things, then there is a high chance of your child being a cultist. So talk to that child and caution him about the future regrets that he would have.

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