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Drama At Ondo State PDP Rally As Thugs Remove Ex-Governor Fayose's Cap, Threaten To Beat Him Up | MadNaija

Drama At Ondo State PDP Rally As Thugs Remove Ex-Governor Fayose’s Cap, Threaten To Beat Him Up

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The former Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose  Suffered great humiliation from thugs at the Ondo state Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mega rally in Ondo State.

Ayodele Fayose is a Nigerian politician and former governor of Ekiti state who was in office between the period of October 16, 2014 to October 16, 2018.

In a video currently trending online, Fayose Was Seen moving with escorts to his sitting position at the podium when some thugs who were supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party came forward and Pulled off his cap from his head while threatening to beat him up.


So, it was the timely intervention of the security personnel close to him that prevented the angry thugs from causing more damages on the former governor of Ekiti state. 

Some of the angry thugs were saying that Ayodele Fayose deserved the bad treatment they gave to him because he insulted some elders of the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) one of which included Chief Olabode George, who was a former deputy chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

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What do you have to say about this incident? Where the thugs right to disrespect a former governor of a state like that? I don’t know about other cultures, but in my culture, removing a cap from an elder’s head is considered to be a great Insult.


So, tell us what you feel about what they did to Fayose and also don’t forget to like and share too for others to see also.

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